Best Vlogging Cameras 2020 – Flip Screen with in Budget

With the advent of the social media and the concept of video blogging (V-log), there has been hype in the market about the cameras that are most convenient for these vlogging purposes. These cameras have a variety of features and can be best utilized for the various dynamic needs of vlogging. The procedure of vlogging requires more than just the stock camera that is availed on your laptop or phone. You need a better camera for the proper quality of your vlogging. The recent companies in the market of cameras have developed specially designed cameras for vlogging.

These cameras have distinct features that are best suited for the vlog purpose and also can be used as an action camera. These are the cameras that can be used for making the vlog videos that you want to upload on your social media account. You would want your vlog quality to be of the high-end; however, without a good camera availing good quality video is not possible. You should purchase a vlogging camera of the best quality to have the best results in your vlogs over your social media. Take it as an investment to your social media vlogging aspects as with the better camera; you can avail the best results.

best vlogging cameras 2018

These cameras are usually more stable and have the vibration reducing features. The audio inputs, as well as the output features of the cameras, are of high class as the vlog has continuous requirement of audio recording as well as better sound output. These cameras offer the best form of versatility from action to adventure or even one set vlogging. Action cameras are the best-suited gadgets for the ones who like to vlog on the move. These cameras have a better motion reduction system, and thus even through great movements and vibration, the video quality is still stabilized.

There are a vast array of specific features in a vlogging camera and the characteristics differ from product to product. You should have a sound idea of your requirements, and accordingly, you should avail the services of the best vlogging camera for you. These are small and compact cameras in most cases and have robust recording features as well as other beneficial features that help you with the better quality of vlog production as well as the ease in the vlogging process.

Best Vlogging Cameras 2020:



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Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II 


Sony RX100 Mark V


Canon EOS M6




Canon EOS Rebel SL2


Canon EOS Rebel T7i EF-S


Reebok Floatride Run


Canon EOS 6D Mark II


Nikon COOLPIX S9900


GoPro Hero 5

Best Vlogging Cameras Available in the Market:

We listed 10 different vlogging camera’s with various specification’s, price & features. We included brands like Canon, Nikon, Panasonic & much more! According to your budget, you can choose the camera you like.

1. Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II canon powershot g7x vlogging camera

This is a popular camera among the vloggers and has made a robust name for it due to the fantastic audio and video recording functions. Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II  has a one-inch sensor and a three-inch tilting as well as touchscreen. The full HD is the maximum screen resolution of the camera. The camera also comes with a 24-100mm lens that is amazing for vlogging versatility. 


  • It has a healthy and sound hold over the video aspects of the camera.
  • The camera has a flip-up screen that is an unusual and beneficial feature of the gadget.
  • It has a compact and a pocketable size that makes this vlogging camera easily portable.


  • One drawback that this camera has is that it doesn’t avail the microphone port and is for the beginners.
  • The professional vlogging can be done better in the other cameras in this list.

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2. Sony RX100 Mark V:

sony rx100 mark v vlogging camera

This is another compact and handy camera that is easily portable and even can be carried in the pocket. This is an amazing camera for the vlogging enthusiasts of the video recording realm. Sony RX100 Mark V Camera has a 3 inches tilting display that is of high quality and also has about 1.22 million dots. The max resolution for the videos is 4K, but it has no microphone port. The camera also has as big as a 1inch sensor.


  • The sensor helps in the better use in the aspects of vlogging and on the go video recording.
  • The camera has a phase detect AF pixels on the sensor.
  • The portability of the camera is impressive and is also easily handled.


  • The recording limit of the camera is five minutes, and that can at times come as a drawback.
  • The lack of a microphone port in the camera can also be a significant drawback for the user.

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3. Canon EOS M6:

This is also a beginner’s vlogging camera that has a lot of beneficial aspects to it. Canon EOS M6 is a mirror-less camera and has an APS-C sensor system. The camera is a 24.2-megapixel camera and has a Canon EF-M lens mount availed to the user. The camera also has a 3 inches tilting screen that facilitates touch function as well. The camera has a microphone port, and even the max resolution for the video is full HD quality.


  • The camera has the microphone port that is beneficial for the audio aspects of the vlogging.
  • It also has a robust dual pixel CMOS AF system which makes the camera one fantastic gadget.
  • It also has Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth facilities built into the system.


  • The maximum video resolution is full HD quality and doesn’t provide the 4K option in the features.

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This is an amazing camera that can be easily used by the beginners as well as the professionals in the field. PANASONIC LUMIX G85 has a flip-out screen that provides better versatility for vlogging. The microphone port is also available in the camera, and this is a major plus point for the camera. This is also a mirror-less camera and has micro four-thirds sensors. The camera is 16 megapixels one and has a micro four-thirds lens mount for the benefit of the user. The maximum video resolution quality is 4K, and this is great for the vloggers.


  • It has an unusual autofocusing aspect in the video.
  • This is a fantastic bonus especially for the action and adventure vloggers.
  • They can use the camera without the tension of the focusing element.
  • The camera will automatically focus on the subject during the recording. The microphone port is another plus point for the camera.


  • The crop factor 2x is not very ideal for the broad framing aspect of the vlogging. There is also a certain softness in the videos when in full HD.

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5. Canon EOS Rebel SL2:

canon eos rebel sl2

The camera is a compact DSLR and has the benefits of an APS-C sensor to it. This 24.2 megapixels camera has the Canon EF-S lens mount availed with it. The three inches tilting screen has a touch function which is pretty cool in the gadget. Canon EOS Rebel SL2 also has a 3.5mm mic port. The max video resolution is of full HD quality. The format of the camera is small and has the benefit of dual pixel CMOS autofocus as well as the mic port.


  • The screen of the camera is a major attraction as the LCD screen is quite flexible and has a good quality resolution.
  • The kit lens of the camera also boasts the STM technology.
  • The compact structure of the camera has the enhanced portable facility which makes it an amazing vlogging machine.


  • There is no option for the 4K video resolution as the full HD (1080p) is the maximum that is availed.
  • Most specifications of this camera are quite basic, and there is nothing too exorbitant about it.

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6. Canon EOS Rebel T7i EF-S:

canon eos rebel t7i ef-s

This is also another fantastic camera that is apt for beginners as well as the professionals as well as the enthusiasts. It is a DSLR type camera with an APS-C sensor that has serious shooting benefits. This 24.2 Megapixels camera has a Canon EF-S lens mount and a 3 inches tilting touchscreen facility. The screen has about 1.04 million dots, and the max video resolution is the full HD (1080p) quality.


  • The flexible touchscreen is a major bonus of the camera, and even the camera has great focusing aspects that help in the action and adventure vlogging.
  • The portability of the camera is also amazing and perfect for vlogging.


  • There is no 4K video resolution option, and the max resolution quality is the full HD resolution (1080p). A lot of the camera specs are similar to the EOS 200D version and is not unique.

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panasonic lumix gh5s

This is another mirror-less camera and has the benefits of the micro four-thirds sensors as well as the lens mounts. It has a 3.2 inches tilting and touch facilitating screen which has 1.62 million dots. The max video resolution of the camera is 4K (DCI). The PANASONIC LUMIX GH5s camera also avails to the user a mic port of 3.5mm and the user level is on a professional realm.


  • The footage quality of the camera is on a level of broadcast footage.
  • The screen is also a primary beneficial aspect of the camera.
  • The camera also has a dynamic and robust range of noise control.
  • The gadget also has the benefit of a 3.5mm mic port.


  • A significant negative aspect of the camera is that there is no sensor-based image stabilization system incorporated into it.
  • And then again the battery life of the camera is also weak and could have been made better.

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8. Canon EOS 6D Mark II:

canon eos 6d mark 2

This is a DSLR type camera and is a majorly beneficial one for the vloggers of modern times. The camera has a full frame sensor and a Canon EF lens mount. This 26.2 megapixels camera has a three inches varied-angle screen that also facilitates the touch facility. The mic port is also availed in this camera and is of a 3.5mm size. Canon EOS 6D Mark II is best for vlogging enthusiasts and is for the medium level users.


  • The camera has a Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus system that makes the video stabilization a significant benefit.
  • It has an extensive EF lens collection that is compatible with the camera.


  • The max video resolution quality is full HD and is not 4K. It is not a very compact model and is bulkier than the usual ones.

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9. Nikon COOLPIX S9900:

nikon coolpix s9900

This is a DSLR type of camera and has a 30x optical zoom. The stabilization of the camera is quite unusual and also the Wi-Fi connectivity is built in. It also has a 60x dynamic zoom function. The camera also has a swiveling varied-angle display that is a major benefit for the vloggers. This is a camera, especially for the beginners.


  • It also has a large sensor that makes it even better for the action and adventure as well as the vlogging realm.
  • The interface of the camera is also excellent and user-friendly which is a major benefit for the user.


  • The lack of a microphone port in the camera can also be a major drawback for the user. The lens range in the camera is also limited to a vast number of lenses are incompatible to the gadget.

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10. GoPro Hero 5:

This is majorly an action camera and that too of the highest grade. The portability of the GoPro Hero 5 Camera is the best as it is tiny and can be attached to any surface through the accessories, even when doing hardcore adventure or activities.


  • It is a waterproof camera and can be used underwater as well.
  • It avails you with the 4K video resolution, and the stabilizing system of the camera is marvelous.


  • The audio quality is not extremely good, and it also doesn’t have a mic port. These are the main loopholes of this tiny dynamite.

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These are the various top ten vlogging cameras in the market today. They avail you with the best services and also help you make your vlog quality better. You can benefit from a vast number of ways through these cameras. Always remember that any audience would prefer a high-quality video instead of an inferior quality production. You can avail any of the best vlogging cameras available on the market today. They are pricier than the regular cameras but are affordable and reasonable as per the features that these cameras bring to the user.

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