Best Salt Free Water Softener Reviews | Buying Guide

A water softener is usually helpful for treating hard water by decreasing responsible minerals through the ion-exchange process. Salt-based water softeners remove those hard minerals and create soft water by reducing hardness whereas salt-free water softener works by crystallizing calcium, not removing those minerals.

Salt-free water softeners work more like a conditioner and you can read the specifications of the following products if you are interested in buying a salt-free water softener system.

List of Best Salt Free Water Softener – Features

1. AHM INNOVATIONS Electronic Salt Free Water Conditioner

If you are looking for an innovative electronic water softener for safe indoor plumbing, you can trust AHM INNOVATIONS Electronic water conditioner.


  • It is particularly helpful for people living in an area with hard water and they can prevent their pipes from getting clogged. Their appliances also get protection from being worn down.
  • If you use AHM INNOVATIONS electronic conditioner, it will descale the entire water system for making everything flow smoothly by preventing scale deposits.
  • This electronic water softener will enhance the quality of water by eliminating impurities from water. This is a tankless water filter that treats hard water by turning it into drinkable and soft water by not altering minerals.
  • AHM INNOVATIONS water softener works on cold and hot water for removing salt, limescale and impurities from water. You don’t have to worry much about constant maintenance. Users don’t have face any skin problems like dull dishes, dry hair or itchy skin while installing it in their water system.

This water softener can be installed without plumbing as it comes with a small size. The process of installation is also very easy and you don’t have to face any problem while installing it as you are provided with a user manual.

2. Tier1 Whole House Carbon and KDF Water Filter System

Tier1 has already acquired the reputation of a reliable brand for producing domestic products, particularly water filters. The customizable components of this specific Tier1 model will allow users to tailor the setup according to their preferences.


  • This Tier1 model comes with a unique configuration for salt-free water softening, sediment reduction, KDF/Carbon filtration, and ultraviolet decontamination.
  • You can remove 97% of chlorine and decrease the presence of harmful pollutants such as mercury, pesticides, lead, herbicides, chloramines, VOCs and many more that are highly effective on human health.
  • Its KDF and Carbon filtration media along with Template supported salt free scale control has been engineered for maximizing the reduction of contaminants leaving all healthy and essential minerals in water that you will use.
  • If you wish to extend the life of your dishwashers, driers, washers, coffee makers, tankless water heaters and other such appliances, you can certainly rely on this Tier1 model although this system is not much effective for reducing Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).

This fully equipped package comes with a healthy technology for diminishing toxicity and inhibits scale accumulation. Its micro filtration feature promoted by granular activated carbon media and KDF-55 works well to minimize microbial germs, heavy metals, and chlorine levels.

3. Pelican Water 34 GPM Salt-free Whole House Softener System

Here is another water salt-free water softener that you may try. This water softener combines advantages of Pelican NaturSoft Water Softener along with Pelican Carbon Series Water Filter For giving you a better water quality with each tap. If you are in a hard water area and are affected with skin problems, don’t waste your time further and install Pelican Water 34 GPM Salt-free Whole House Softener System as it requires zero maintenance.


  • You will not have to face problems such as dilapidated appliances and piping that are often caused by hard water once you will install it into your water system.
  • This health-center softener has appeared to be effective for cutting a large proportion of pollutants and impurities such as chloramines, particulates, and chlorine.
  • Users will be benefited from this whole house water softener system as it sloughs off or prevents scale from appliances and piping. For getting potent filtration, you can rely on Pelican Water 34 GPM Salt-free Whole House Softener System.
  • This easily installable water softener system comes with high-grade tanks and valves.

Pelican Water 34 GPM Salt-free Whole House Softener can solve your hard water problems without using salt or potassium and has been reported to provide certified and tested performance.

4. Nuvo H20 Dphb-a Home Water Softener System

Nuvo has introduced this brand new water softener system for solving problems of people living in hard water areas.


  • Its revolutionary technology is potent enough to reduce the pH level of water with the help of a chelating agent that can bind hard minerals. This scientific process of chelation binds hard minerals particular calcium and magnesium minerals.
  • You will be glad to learn that the Nuvo H20 water softener system works without complex components and bulky tanks.
  • This Nuvo model with revolutionary technology can remove existing hard water scales that prevent building-up those scales.
  • Its compact design fits almost anywhere and performs great to extend the life of users’ appliances like plumbing fixtures and water heater.
  • You will get mounting plates, screws, mounting brackets, housing wrench and user manual along with this water softener.
  • It comes with 20 inches*2 inches replacement cartridges that survive 20,000 gallons.
  • Limescale that eats away and chokes build-up is prevented by Nuvo H20 Dphb-a Home Water Softener System.

Although it may not work with some plumbing network this NSF and FDA certified water softener uses no salt or electricity for reducing hard minerals in the water. It is also eco-friendly and makes no waste of water while purifying water.

5. Aquasana Whole House 1,000,000 Water Filter and Salt-free Softener

Users can get clean and great tasting water with each tap after installing Aquasana Whole House Water Filter and Salt-free Softener into their water system. It gives a 97% guarantee of removing chlorine and reducing harmful pollutants such as mercury, lead, pesticides, herbicides, VOCs and others. Its advanced engineering and smart design enhance efficient filtration along with media for high-dynamic performance.


  • Scale Control Media salt-free technology combined with KDF and Carbon Filtration Media can maximize the reduction of pollutants.
  • You will be happy to know that this water softener cum filter leaves healthy minerals in the water.
  • Although this system is not effective to reduce Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), it is long-lasting and cost-efficient. Aquasana Whole House Salt-free Softener cum Water Filter can clean water for less than $0.01 a gallon.
  • You will have a water softener system with easy maintenance where no back flushing or draining is required. Users will get brass fittings, filtration tank SimplySoft tank, shut-off valves, post filters, 0.75” and 20” pre-filter fittings along with this whole house filtration system.
  • It prevents all-round domestic scales without using any chemicals or salts.

It comes with strong optional upgrade components and scales control media for changing hard minerals into non-stick inactive crystals.

6. One Flow + Salt-free Water Filtration System

One Flow+ has presented this scale prevention water filtration system for solving those problematic issues faced by inhabitants of hard water areas. This One Flow + Salt-free Water Filtration System has been widely accepted for extending the lifespan of domestic appliances, reducing maintenance costs and protecting plumbing systems.


  • This water filtration system had been designed with Template Assisted Crystallization (TAS) which is considered to be the most effective scale prevention technology by WateReuse Research Foundation. This specific technology is potent enough to attract and convert hard and harmful minerals into soft and harmless ones, as well as inactive microscopic crystal particles, are present being suspended in water to pass to drain.
  • Scale build-up on fixtures and in pipes and water heating devices is reduced by One Flow + Salt-free Water Filtration System. Thus it helps in enhancing water flow and extending the life span of different appliances.
  • One Flow Media Cartridge can be utilized for preventing scale build-up that may last up to every 3 years replacement or 250,000 gallons. This Cartridge is used along with a Carbon Block of 20 micron radial flow for lessening Chlorine odor and taste as well as sediments for up to 50,000 gallons.

High capacity replacement cartridges can easily be changed with an included pressure-relief valve and multifunctional tool. It allows users easy installation either mounted to a wall or on the floor and no maintenance.

7. Aquios AQFS220 Salt-free Filtration System and Water Softener

Here is another all-in-one water conditioning solution that you may try to keep away problems with hard water. Aquios has presented this water softener with high efficiency and commercial-grade technology. Just have a look at what it offers.


  • It is potent enough to remove and prevent lime-scale accumulation by controlling inhibiting precipitation and hard minerals and scale deposit formation.
  • This full-house protection can protect faucets, fixtures, internal devices or shower heads in contact with water flow.
  • With its core revolutionary technology, it can maintain better water pressure.
  • It can provide corrosion protection against alkalinity, acidity, and some mineral salts that lead to complete damage of waters system equipment and pipes.`
  • This water softener cum filtration system uses 5 micron coconut carbon block filtration for removing chlorine taste and water from water.
  • It comes with a point of entry (POE) system that can easily eliminate sand, dirt, rust particles, silt and other sediments from water.

Here is the last product on this list. Just have a look at it.

8. Aquasana 10-Year 1,000,000 Gallon Whole House Filter

This specific model of water softener comes with a pro-grade installation kit, strong UV starlight, and optional SimplySoft feature for enhancing filtration performance.


  • It gives a guarantee of 97% chlorine removal and reduces chlorine odor and taste.
  • You will be protected from microscopic cysts and organic particles.
  • Users don’t have to face any back flashing, water waste or draining.

This system will not reduce Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). So order Aquasana 10-Year 1,000,000 Gallon Whole House Filter to prevent your skin problems due to the presence of hard water in your area.


I hope now you have a clear idea of the specifications of some of the best salt-free water softener. You can buy any one of these according to your requirements.  What are you waiting for? If you are in trouble with problems due to hard water, order a salt-free softener and consume high quality water regularly. Comment and let us know about your experience with the products described by you. This will enable us to engage properly with our readers.

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