Best RC Cars Under $100 – July 2020

As the innovation is kicking in the toy sector, toys are no longer attract kids alone, grown-ups are equally crazy about them. Well, who would not love to play with uber-cool electronic toys which look as if they have just emerged out of your favorite video game? So, people, nowadays, are adopting gadgets like hover-boards, electric scooters, electric skateboards, RC mini-copters, and radio-controlled cars as their hobbies. It is great to have a hobby, and with a hobby as cool as off-roading radio-controlled cars, you are certainly someone many look up too.

Then again, if you are just starting out with RC Cars as a hobby, you should begin with something which won’t cost you a fortune. Read along to know the RC Cars under $100 which are perfect to get you started. Well, considering the sheer number of RC car models available in the market, they’re definitely a bunch of affordable models that compete fairly with their more expensive counterparts. As RC car fans, we know that it can be difficult to find a good one when you have a decided budget in mind.

Best RC Cars under 100

We don’t think there is an age to get excited about remote-controlled cars and it adds splashes of interest if you are getting an RC car at an affordable price. If you want to gather some knowledge before buying an RC car then you are in the right place. If you are about to buy an RC car other than the online market then you should definitely want to know some of the features of RC cars and how it will be helpful to you. Here comes the thorough review of the top five best budget RC cars available in the market based on which you can buy your dream RC car. We have elaborated it based on their essential features and type.

Best RC Cars Under $100:



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FitMaker Remote Control Monster Truck


Click N’Play Off-Road Rock Crawler Vehicle


Lazaga High-Speed Remote Control Telecar


Novcolxya Model RC Car


SGOTA Off-Road 4 WD RC Car

List of Best RC Cars Under $100:

We have reviewed the best RC cars under $100 so that you can make a purchase decision.

1. FitMaker Remote Control Monster Truck

FitMaker Remote Control Monster Truck

The next time you are looking for an off-roader to make your friend go gaga over it, you no longer have to shell out a fortune for it with the FitMaker Hi-Speed All-Terrain Remote Control Monster Truck. It is loaded with features that can any day light-up an RC enthusiast’s face!

  • Doesn’t matter if you are planning to surf the indoors or exploring the outdoors with this beast, because it is all set to embark upon the roughest of the terrains.
  • The high-quality ABS Material used to make the car makes it strong and durable. The tires are built with care for strength and elasticity with great quality PVC plastic material.
  • The manufacturers have put in best efforts to replicate a desert buggy.
  • The monster truck boats a powerful 390 motor with overheat protection which offers a speed of up to 20 km/hour.
  • The 2.4 GHz Remote controller is easy to operate and can control multiple cars at one go without any external interference from another wireless device. Plus, the remote control can control the car from as far as 100 kilometers away!
  • It is powered by 4.8V, 700 mAH rechargeable battery. The battery can be easily charged with the USB cable included in the pack. A charge of mere 2-3 hours gives 18 minutes of play-time with the car.
  • The pistol grip remote controller is easy to operate. Even kids as young as 4 years old can operate it and learn as they grow.

Fit maker RC Monster Truck easy to assemble RC car which makes a perfect gift for kids as well as adults. Here are some cons faced by the users know what to expect when you order this product.

  • Customers have found this car to be okay for kids but not heavy duty.
  • The problems with the missing parts and unmatched parts are common.
  • The back plastic caps can be a bit taxing to remove but some patience will do the trick!

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2. Click N’Play Off-Road Rock Crawler Vehicle

Click N’Play Off-Road Rock Crawler Vehicle

If you are looking for a light-weight companion to conquer the rocks, Click N Play Off-road Crawler Vehicle is for you. Click N’Play Off-Road Rock Crawler Vehicle will let you stride on the roughest of the terrains and will let you perform craziest of the tricks. Well, if this beast with superior features doesn’t give head to your passion form RC Cars, you probably want to revisit your life-decisions.

  • The design of this rock crawler is in accordance with all the rock crawling it is expected to do. That is, it has a sturdy and non-collision structure.
  • The tires are robust 4 WD all-weather tires which can absorb the strongest of shocks with their humongous size.
  • The tires and the structure add up to make the vehicle more durable.
  • The Rock Crawler is not just a heavy duty, but it can also run fast. This is facilitated by its powerful double motors which enable it to run at the speed of 10 km per hour (6.2 miles per hour).
  • The remote controller is a tri-channel transmitter which works on a frequency of 2.4GHz.
  • It is a battery operated toy which requires 4 AA batteries for car and 3 for the transmitter.

Safe-to-play-with for all the children above 8 years, Click N Play Off-Road Rock Crawler is without a double the perfect gadget to pull-off quality stunts. Then again, there are some issues faced by the users:

  • The controller lacks precision with just single speed level.
  • With excessive use, the body starts to crackle.
  • The controller only allows the car to go forward and backward, limiting the scope of fun.

Above mentioned issues arise because this product is designed keeping the price in mind and the quality is expected to suffer when the price is low. Then again, this Rock Crawler has the features which make it more than worth the money you spend on it.

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3. Lazaga High-Speed Remote Control Telecar

Lazaga High-Speed Remote Control Telecar

If you are on the look-out for a powerful remote control car with easy steering, Lazaga High-Speed RC Telecar is the to-go RC Car for you. It is built with great care and precision so that it doesn’t face any problem running on uneven surfaces. You can experiment with this vehicle on roads, grass, carpet, puddles, mud, and tile. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor expeditions with features as these:

  • It is an all-terrain RC Car which can run on multiple uneven surfaces. This is possible due to the strong wheels which are supported by shock-proof and stable springs to keep the tires secure. They are equipped with stronghold spikes to keep the vehicle steady on uneven grounds.
  • The durable PVC plastic with chassis in middle makes the car strong and resistant to sudden shocks it might face on the way.
  • The high-speed 380 motor with overheat protection enables the car to run at the speed of 15 km per hour.
  • The 4.8 V, 700 mAH Li-Po batteries are rechargeable and, one fully charged, they give you a playtime of up to 20 minutes.
  • The remote controller is also powerful with 2.4 GHz 4 Channel steering system.
  • The Telecar boasts the S-truck suspension which lets you perform amazing tricks like turns, drifts, and flips.

The rugged looks of the Lazaga RC Telecar do make it a highly-sought after RC vehicle but for the price you are paying for the product, you should not expect a very strong and long-lasting product if you are using it continuously.

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4. Novcolxya Model RC Car

Novcolxya Model RC Car

For those who want something real to try their hands upon, the all-terrain high-speed Novcolxya Model RC Car is their calling. It is a strong vehicle, 1:18 that the size of a real four-wheeler, ready to take on the trails. It is loaded with excellent features which will make you want to buy yourself one of these off-roaders right away!

  • It is 1:18 the size of a real four-wheeler with the strength no less.
  • It has its own suspension system, protecting it from sudden shocks.
  • The strong and durable material is used to build the car with a protective plastic lamination on the outer surface to protect it from any cosmetic damage.
  • The powerful GB Brushed 380 motor gives it the boost to drive at the whopping speed of 20 miles per hour.
  • The motor is powered by ultra-potent 7.4V 850 mAH li-Po Battery which can be recharged.

Following are the problems faced by some of the users with this RC car.

  • The lack of reliability with the battery as it ceases to charge or acts oddly after 3-4 weeks of use.
  • The wiring and the transmitter of the car are built with an outdated technology.
  • While driving in puddles, the vehicle loses its speed.

Once fully charged, you can take Novcolxya Model RC Car into the wild and let the 2.4 GHz radio controller perform its magic on the car.

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5. SGOTA Off-Road 4 WD RC Car

SGOTA Off-Road 4 WD RC Car

SGOTA Off-Road RC Car boasts superb features for a car this tiny and vibrant.

  • It is an exact 1:16 replica of a cross-country vehicle which can conquer all terrains you drive it on.
  • The car is energized by 6.0V 700mAH battery which can be easily charged with the USB Cable to enjoy a hassle-free ride for 15-18 minutes.
  • The car is built to last long with high-quality plastic and alloy. Alike a cross-country vehicle, suspension of this RC car is also strong, useful while climbing.
  • You can use the 2.4 GHz, remote controller, to drive the car at the speed of 25 kilometers per hour.

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Though a majority of users have found this RC Car as perfect for the money they paid for it, many weren’t satisfied with the durability and faced issues with the non-reliable nature of the Li-Po batteries. Then again, if you are just setting foot in the hobby, this product is a great place to start.

There you have it! 5 RC cars under $ 100 which will enable you to experience off-roading without actually going off-road. These RC cars make great gifts for kids as well as adults who are passionate about collecting them. Before gifting them to someone, do go for a test-run, you might possibly get one for yourself too!

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