5 Best RC Cars under $100

Who doesn’t love racing?

For most of us, those races held in our backyard among our friends with the RC cars we had back then still remain some of the fondest memories from our childhood.

We have surely come a long way from that time and RC cars have evolved too.

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Today we have some of the finest RC cars that offer the thrill of racing; like never before.

However, selecting just one RC car out of the many options available is a really tough job, and you will not want to gift yourself or your kids anything less than the best.

So, here it is, a list of the best RC cars under $100 that you will find in the market.

Take your pick and see your child enjoy the thrill of racing.

5 Best RC Cars under $100​

1. Blexy RC SUV Car

The Blexy RC SUV can be the perfect racing partner for people of any age.

With its 2.4G wireless technology and 50 meters remote control range it offers a decently long control radius and you can use the car with others cars in the range without having signal interference trouble.

Blexy RC SUV - best rc cars under 100

The car itself is quite sturdily built and can be operated on almost all terrain.

It has an explosion-proof PVC shell and the rubber wheels prevent it from skidding making it perfect for plain ground, rocky road, sandy land and grassland.

The car is 1/18-scale in terms of size and has a highly powerful motor that provides high acceleration and maximum speed of 30kmph.

Blexy RC SUV - best remote control car under $100

It can even climb inclined planes up to 35 degrees steep. The four-wheel independent vibration system allows better control.

As far as battery is concerned, it has enough power to allow 20 minutes of playtime on full power.


  • Highly powerful engine with maximum speed of 30kmph and high acceleration
  • Explosion-proof PVC shell
  • Rubber wheels for realistic and better control with anti-skid performance
  • Easy climbing up to 35 degrees of inclined plane
  • Built for multiple terrain including plain ground, rocky road, sandy land, and grassland
  • High quality 2.G anti-interference signal with relatively large control radius of up to 50 meters


  • Battery performance is average when compared to the rest of the features; you get 20 minutes of play time with 3 hours of charging

"Blexy SUV is extremely enduring and can be operated on almost any surface. Kids do love taking out the car and use it in extreme conditions, including making it crash and fall. This little one is built to sustain it all. No wonder it is the best rated RC car under $100."

2. Babrit F9

Were you looking for something really blazing fast?

The Babrit F9 is the perfect RC car in that case.

Keep in mind that this one isn’t recommended for kids below the age of 14 years, though.

Babrit F9 - best off road rc car under 100

The 1/18-scale RC monster truck can be used to race on road, rocky surface and on grass.

However, do tell your child that it cannot be used on damp and wet surface like mud and also not in sand.

These may short the engine and destroy the car altogether.

The Babrit F9 has a strong remote control with 2.4G technology that does not let the signal get interfered by other remote control signals while racing.

Babrit F9 - best rated rc cars under $100

The range is a good at 100 meters and the top speed of the car is 50kmph, which is quite fast, as you will certainly understand.

The car has a four-wheel independent shock suspension along with high quality rubber wheels and chains for real life experience.

This one is perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage.


  • High speed car with a top speed of 50kmph
  • High remote range of 100 meters with advanced 2.4G network technology for anti-interference
  • Fast 1 hour charging time
  • It can be used for rocky and plane road as well as grassy pavement and on sandy ground to some extent


  • The price is quite high for the quality of the car
  • The car engine isn’t protected from water and excess sand

"The Babrit F9 will definitely make its way to the list of best off road RC car under 100 and is a good product for a young adult. It is quite fast and can be used for competition purpose as well. However, do keep in mind to keep the car away from mud and water surfaces."

3. DeeXop-Babrit F11

The DeeXop-Babrit F11 is built to endure quite extreme conditions and provide high performance as well.

It is suitable for kids above the age of 10 years and will also be an adrenaline thumper for adults as well.

DeeXop-Babrit - 100 dollar rc car

This one has a top speed of almost 50kmph.

Moreover has a fantastic remote range of 100 meters and the high quality signal technology allows better control.

This car comes with a FB brushed 39 motor that is water resistant as well and the wheels of the car is built to be much more skid-resistant.

It has S-Truck suspension technology to allow it to race on practically any surface and you can even race the car in rainstorm or snow.

DeeXop-Babrit - best rc buggy under 100

The fully charged battery allows 10 to 15 minutes of racing action and you can get it full recharged in 2 hours.

Do not charge the car overnight or else you'll destroy the battery.


  • High speed of 30+mph, which is equivalent to 50kmph
  • High remote control range of 10 meters and 2.4G stable signal strength and control
  • FB brushed 390 motor is completely waterproof and can even be used in rainstorm and snow
  • S-Truck suspension technology with better skid control for the wheels
  • 1/12-scale large size car


  • Price is on a bit on the higher side
  • Battery performance isn’t exceptional as you get 10 to 15 minutes of racing time with 2 hours of charging time to get battery full charged

"DeeXop-Babrit F11 is a great racing car for your kid, which also happens to be water resistant. It has a really great top speed and signal strength of 100 meters. The car is great for racing contests and can be gifted to anyone above the age of 10 years."

4. TOZO C1025

If you were searching for a really powerful and fast, best RC buggy under $100, you just arrived at one of the best products on the list.

The TOZO C1025 is a high performance electric powered racing buggy that can be used on almost any surface.

TOZO C1025 - best remote control car

However, you need to keep it from being used in dirt and sand for too long to prevent any kind of damage to the car.

This one is a 1/18-Scale medium large racing car that has a maximum speed of 32+mph, which translates to above 51kmph.

The 2.4G radio technology allows the remote control a working radius of as long as 100 meters.

It is one of the most sturdily built cars in the list.

The body is made of explosion-proof PVC to prevent it from getting damaged easily.

TOZO C1025 - best off road rc car

It has 4 wheel drive and each wheel has an independent shockproof system so that it can work efficiently without being damaged due to vibration.

Most importantly, each and every part of the car is replaceable and the part can be bought online with ease.


  • High speed performance with above 32mph or 51kmph top speed
  • High grade 2.4G radio frequency enabled remote control with operating radius of close to 100 meters
  • 1/18-scale realistic design built for all terrain
  • 4 wheel drive and independent suspension system with helical spring and anti-skid high quality rubber wheels for a better and more reliable driving performance
  • Independent shockproof system prevents any damage caused due to vibration
  • Strong explosion-proof PVC body prevents the car from being damaged easily, though it is advisable not to make it collide at very high speed
  • Each part can be disassembled and replaced, replacement available online


  • The battery time isn’t an exceptional one, giving just 15 to 20 minutes of drive time, and you need to keep spare for extra-long usage
  • Price of the car is a little on the higher side

"The TOZO C1025 RC Car is a decently good and among the high performing 100 dollar RC car available in the market. It has a really sturdy build and can be used on multiple terrains. If you wanted a high speed racing car that can be driven off road, this one is for you. It will definitely fall into the category of best off road RC car."

5. Velocity Toys RTR GT3

If you wanted a big RC car at a low price that has decently high speed, the Velocity Toys RTR GT3 is the perfect product for you.

This one is built for kids above the age of 8 years and is fairly good in terms of performance.

Velocity Toys GT3 - best remote control car under $100

In terms of style and design, the Velocity Toy’s GT3 is my personal favorite pick; and is the reason why deserves a mention in this list of Best RC Cars under $100.

The top speed of the cat is 15+mph, which will be around 25kmph.

It has a professional grade 2.4G remote control system that can be used with other cars while racing without causing any interference.

The car is powered by 6.4V 500mAh Li-ion battery that offers decently good run time.

The car itself is quite large at 1/10-Scale and has a lightweight Lexan body shell.

The wheels are made of semi-pneumatic rubber grip tires and they are interchangeable.

Velocity Toys GT3 - best rated rc cars under $100

Keep in mind a few things while buying this car, though. It has a decent speed and is good for small kids racing together, but it is not all-terrain car.

Its speed is also not the best in business but good enough for the low price tag that the product sports. The turning radius is quite large, however you can adjust the front wheel alignment.

It has a completely functioning steering with forward, backward, turn left and turn right control.


  • Among the lowest priced RC cars under $100
  • Decently high speed of 15mph or 25kmph
  • 2.4G anti-interference technology enabled remote control
  • Large 1/10-scale model
  • Wheels made of semi-pneumatic rubber for better grip and can be interchanged
  • 6.4V 500mAh high performance battery


  • Body isn’t the most sturdy built and can be damaged if there is collision at high speed
  • Turning radius is quite large and thus it can be difficult to ride on tracks with sharp turns

"This RC car is your kid’s best buddy if this is the first buy. It has got a decently low price tag and quite impressive performance in that range. You can check this out for small kids who have just started racing with RC cars and want to get a hang of it."

5 Things to Consider before buying Best RC Cars under $100


To be honest, there are plenty of RC cars available in the market.

No; one product can boast of being the perfect of the lot.

However, there are some pros and cons. Every car is perfect for the user for whom the pros are important, and the cons do not matter much.

The products listed above are among the best RC cars under $100. You will definitely get better product at higher price range, but for starters and for kids, these are the best ones available in the market.

It is quite easy to be deceived by glittery advertisements and tall claims.

I have created a list of the best rated RC cars under $100 only after checkout in depth about each product to make sure that they stand up to their claims and provide the ultimate racing performance.

So, go ahead and get the best remote control car from the above list for your kid. Make sure you choose wisely.

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