Best Office Chair Under $300 in 2020

In today’s world, computers have become a crucial aspect of every office or workplace. A person working in an IT or software company spends 6 hours on an average just sitting in front of the computer screen. Sitting at a single place for such a long time can lead to various health issues. Standing and working in front of the computer screen isn’t a good alternative, however, getting a good office chair can be one. The ergonomic chair is becoming more and more common these days and people are realizing the importance of a good office chair.

Best Office Chair Under $300

A decent ergonomic or office chair can help in avoiding various cardiovascular diseases, back pain, and various other health issues. With an ergonomic chair, you can rest your hand, back, head an arm efficiently. These chairs, in the long run, will increase productivity, avoid laziness as well as avoid various health related issues. There are tons of office chairs in the market with plenty of different features.

List of Best Office Chairs Under $300:

However, after thorough research, we’ve created a list of best office chairs under $300 that you can go for. The chairs listed in this list are not very expensive and are totally worth the price.

1. Steelcase Gesture Chair:

Gesture chair by Steelcase is one of the best office chairs you can find in the market at the moment. This chair is designed in such a way that it supports every type of body posture and movement. The natural movement of your body and spine is accommodated with its liveback technology. The liveback technology makes this chair convenient for most body postures and adjustable as per the natural body movements.

Most office chairs do not provide good arm rest, however, gesture chair has a great arm rest that can swivel up to 360 degrees. Nobody can sit and work for long in a single position or posture. All of us change our postures naturally while working. This chair keeps this fact in mind and supports the posture changes. Like most other office chairs, you can adjust its height. However, along with the height, you can also change the tension that it provides at the back and avoid back pain. There are 8 different eye-appealing colours this chair is available in. This chair has also received various awards including Neocon gold award.

2. Office Star High Back

Office star high back is a well-built durable ergonomic chair that will definitely last long. Most part of the chair is made up of plastic whereas the base is made up of metal. The material used to build this chair is of great quality which makes this chair very durable. Due to its great build quality, even heavier people can sit on it for hours regularly. This chair isn’t very suitable for tall people due to its narrow width. If you’re someone with wide hips or waistline, you should think twice before considering this chair.

This chair is the best ergonomic chair in terms of back support. The back of the chair has tension adjustment as well as lumbar support for the lower back. The upper back can be taken care of by adjusting the back-tile of the chair and reclining it as per your requirement. The arm rests are equipped with PU pads and are completely adjustable. Due to its less number of moving parts, this chair can be easily assembled by anyone. Adjusting height and tension isn’t a daunting task at all and can easily be done with a one-touch technology that comes with this chair.

3. SIEGES Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

SIEGES ergonomic mesh chair is the most adjustable office chair in the list. Every part of this chair can be adjusted as per the customer’s requirements. You can adjust the headrest, arm rest, back and height. Due to its great adjustability, this chair is suited for short as well as tall people. The back of this chair is breathable which allows air to pass in avoiding sweat. There are only a few chairs that come with an adjustable headrest and this chair is one of the few. This chair is suited for all the natural body movements as well as postures.

This chair can be rotated up to 360 degrees. So you won’t have to tilt your head in different directions again and again. Also, this is a movable chair and you can move to different places in your office with ease without even getting up. This chair is so comfortable and movable that the only time you’ll get up is when the work is finished. Keeping all the features and aspects of this chair in mind, the price that it comes for is totally worth it.

4. HON Ignition 2.0 Office Chair

HON is a reputable and credible furniture design and manufacturing company in the USA. They’ve been manufacturing great furniture since long and this chair is one of their best designs. HON ignition 2.0 is a very lightweight office chair and can be moved from one place in the office to another very easily. Its high quality moving tires make it convenient to move everywhere in the workplace without getting up. If you’re someone who’s been suffering from neck pain, this chair isn’t for you. This chair does not have a neck rest or a headrest and that is the only drawback of it.

This chair is very easy to assemble as it has very few moving parts. Most of its parts are adjustable and can be tilted or inclined as per the customer’s wish. The lower back is taken care of by its lumbar support and the upper back is supported with an excellent breathable back support of the chair. It comes in two classy colors; fog and black. Its synchronic tilt mechanism helps in reclining the chair the way you want to. You can also adjust the seat back and forth with its seat glide mechanism.

5. Ewin Chair Champion Series CPA

Although mainly used by programmers and gamers, this chair can be considered for offices or workplaces as well. Ewin chair is one of the most unique and stylish looking ergonomic chairs in this list and the market. It comes in plenty of bright as well as dark colors to choose from. The back part of the chair is built with premium PU leather which makes the chair extremely comfortable. There’s also a pillow for resting your head avoiding the chances of neck pains. The lumbar portion of the chair has a comfortable pillow to avoid back pains even after hours of continuous sitting.

The best feature about this chair is its locking system. You can lock this chair in any position that you want and it won’t recline or move any further on its own until you want it to. This way, you can even create a bed out of this chair. So after hours of work, whenever you feel like lying down, you can just tilt the back portion of the chair downwards and lock it. The wheels of this chair roll over any surface with ease. If you’re a gamer, this chair is best suited for you. Be it the eye appealing design or be it the unique features, this chair stands out in every aspect.

6. Duramont Reclining Office Chair with Lumbar Support

Duramont reclining office chair is the most comforting chair you will ever come across. The seat and the back portion of the chair are made with premium PU leather which feels very comforting to the body. This chair won’t feel like you’re sitting on a chair and will instead make you feel like you’re on some soft cushion. The headrest is somewhat outward which is ideal for resting your head. Additionally, it has armrest, waterfall seat edge, and even a footrest to avoid any type of pain that may occur in your body from prolonged sitting.

Apart from the chair, the sales team is equally good. This chair comes with a 90-day guarantee. However, even after 90 days, the sales team is always ready to solve any of your queries or issues related to the chair. This chair can be reclined backwards up to 155 degrees. So if you feel like having a little nap after working for hours, just tilt your chair backwards and have it. This chair might feel a bit heavy and would be a problem if you move to different places in the office with your chair. Apart from the heaviness, we couldn’t think of any drawback.

7. TOPSKY Mesh Computer Office Chair

Topsky mesh office chair looks like a regular office chair and isn’t eye-appealing like rest of the chairs in this list. However, its features are something that might catch your attention. It has an excellent headrest which can be adjusted in three ways as per your need. For lower back, it has lumbar support that wouldn’t let you have any back pain ever. The back portion of the chair is made up in mesh technique that helps in the circulation of air, avoids sweat and keeps you fresh for long.

One of the most noticeable features of this chair is its hanger that is situated on the back. This hanger can be used to hang a bag, a couple of clothes or anything that can be hanged. This chair has a classy regular design and can be used as an office as well as home. This might not be as comfortable as other chairs in the same price tag. If you’re someone whose priority is a comfort, you should go for some other alternative with PU leather as their seat material.

8. Alera Neratoli Mid-Back Swivel Chair

Alera nerastoli is a decent looking office chair that isn’t feature-rich like the others but has all the necessary features. This chair does not have a mesh back which makes the circulation of air a bit difficult. The seat and the back are made up of premium quality leather and feel like soft cushions. It is compact in size and can be placed anywhere in the office with even little space. For taking care of your knees, it has a waterfall edge seat that will avoid any knee pain after working for prolonged hours.

This chair is very easy to assemble and the armrest is optional. If you wish to use the chair without an armrest, you can do so as well. This chair is lightweight, conveniently movable and has a sleep decent design that looks premium. However, like other ergonomic chairs, this chair isn’t much adjustable. Also, you cannot lock your seat in your desired positions. However, height adjustment is possible but cannot be locked. The seat and the back are made up of faux leather whereas the body is made up of high-quality metal that is stain resistant and durable.


This was our list of best office chairs under $300 in the market at present. Every chair that we’ve listed has some unique features that most of the others don’t possess. All of these chairs are great. However, you’ll have to see what your preferences and requirements are in order to select one. These are the best ergonomic chairs under $300 that you can go for if you’re someone who sits in front of a computer or TV screen for prolonged hours. Some of these chairs are even suited for houses whereas some are exclusive to workplaces or offices.

Before you select a particular chair, make sure the chair is adjustable and what your parameters for adjustability are. Also, some of the chairs might not be suited for tall people whereas short people would find difficulty in some. So it is you who needs to realize what your requirements are and what type of chair will suit you the best. No matter which chair you go for, buying an office chair is no doubt a great investment. Most of your back and neck pains will no longer take place once you’ve bought a good and comfortable ergonomic office chair.

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