Best Mountain Bikes Under $500 – 2020 Reviews

Remember the time when you used to get along the route by peddling a bike. The vehicle not just helps you stay fit but also helps you feel the morning breeze while riding to work. This is one of the most amazing experiences indeed. And even today, riding one at work saves you a lot of trouble especially when there are no filling stations. Moreover, what if you ride a bike on a trek to spend a ravishing vacation surrounded by the serenity offered by the mother earth.

Introducing you to the Mountain Bikes, specifically designed for the folks who like to taste the danger. The bikes are designed to withstand the rough terrain without compromising the safety of its rider. They are fast and can go uphill if you are fast enough to peddle one. So, now if you are ready to plan a trek and looking for the most appropriate bike, this article is going to help you out.


Best Mountain Bikes under $500

A Brief Information About Mountain Bikes

Well for all those who are regular riders, choosing a bike would not be tough. To enhance the information there are varied features of mountain bikes that make it more adorable than the rest. With the advancement in technology, every product in the market has revamped for good. When it comes to bikes, you get to avail a good variety of the product too. Coming to the most common features, these rides are designed as per a purpose.

They beat the rough terrains and are more durable. It appears the same as the indoor bikes used to ride on roads but has some added features. Mountain Bikes are also called versatile bikes at some places. You can use it both off and on the road as its added features don’t let it drive itself away from the regular roads. So, you don’t need to buy another ride, one bike can work it out well.

The most common feature of a mountain bike is they are light, easy to pedal and are suspension free, unlike ordinary bikes. Although, there are different wheel sizes available (as even bikes have uncountable options) 26” wheel size is the most relevant while opting for mountain bikes and it’s the most regular one too. And, you the best part, it isn’t gender-specific because if you are a female and hence you are looking for something different for different genders, all-mountain bikes have similar features and you don’t have to cover some extra expenses for that.

The product design might vary based on the different anthropometric requirements, but that is not much troublesome. So, all a person has to do is look for specification, set a budget, and pick the one that suits them best.

Benefits of Mountain Bikes

  • Designed well for rough, unfriendly terrain
  • Broad wheels with better grip making it shock absorptive
  • The wheel configuration makes it fit for mountain adventures
  • The design makes it more resilient and secure
  • Lightweight provide better climbing and acceleration

And finally, the bike ride is simply a gorgeous one.

Best Mountain Bikes Under $500

Preview Product Name DETAILS Check Price
#1 #1
Merax Finiss Mountain Bike
  • Info:It is a one side model for all riders belonging to the range from 5’10” to 6’2”
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#2 #2
Kawasaki Mihara Fat Tyre Bike
  • Info:The size of the feels make it withstand all kinds of terrain.
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#3 #3
Murtisol Hybrid Bicycle
  • Info:Adjustable seat for people belonging to different lengths
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#4 #4
Schwinn Bonafide Mountain Bike
  • Info:Shimano EZ-Fire trigger shifters allowing a speed of 24 units
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#5 #5
Mongoose Impasse Full Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike
  • Info:The disc brakes on the from and rear side of the wheels for a smooth landing
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#6 #6
Mongoose Men’s Malus Fat Tire Bicycle
  • Info:The design as per the rough surfaces the bike has to tackle
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#7 #7
Kent KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike
  • Info:Shimano speed shifters allowing a speed of 21 units
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#8 #8
Raleigh Bikes Ziva Women’s Mountain Bike
  • Info:Aluminium frame with full suspension using a 100mm suspension fork
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Best Mountain Bikes under $500 | Detailed Reviews

So, here are the Best Mountain Bikes that you can get under $500.

1. Merax Finiss Mountain Bike

Lightweight, Aluminum frame product, designed specifically to enhance the mountain experience, which is one of the cheapest products with best facilities. Merax Finiss holds a fair price and is under $300 and is popular on most selling websites.

Merax Finiss 26" Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike with Disc Brakes(Fashion Gray&Green)
  • 🚲 Designed to be the most fully featured and economical road bike, this road bike features a lightweight and sturdy aluminum frame for smooth riding, easy transport, and for confidence even on wet roads.
  • 🚲 Shimano 21-speed shifter and derailleur deliver reliable and smooth instant shifting.
  • 🚲 Professional ergonomic saddle designed for efficiency during long time pedaling. Great for either weekend leisure rides or daily work commutes.
  • 🚲 Front and rear mechanical disc brakes.
  • 🚲 Quick-release front wheel is easy to install and no additional tools needed. Make sure you read Product Description before purchasing. Rotate the fork for 180 degree before assemble the front wheel (the brake will be in front of the bike).

Key Features

  • It is a one side model for all riders belonging to the range from 5’10” to 6’2”
  • Created with heat-treated aluminum frame
  • It comes in in three varied colored schemes
  • Available with 21 gear options

Looking for a good company up to that hill within this range with varied qualities, Merax Finiss is one of the best choices, that comes with 26” Double Wall Aluminum Rim Wheels for smooth rolling. The features are amazing and especially if you are looking for some good hardware, this choice has no opponent because it’s the best price available. The weight of the bike is 33 pounds, and it is not that light but the best in the budget. The front shock available is with 80 mm travel but can be customized as per the user requirement all you need is to add some extra effort and some spare bucks, because definitely there is room for some changes.

Since one person opts for ordering it by clicking on the button, so when it arrives, one might have to spare some hours assembling and might require special tools, but since there is a manual available for that, things don’t appear so difficult. The manual serves with both language and picture description for better understanding of the product and hence, one won’t require to look for an expert. But even then some needs one, there is also some arrangement near an expert, where you can look for a local bike job and get it does, especially when this is your first experience and you don’t want to break anything apart. But yes, for beginners, Merax Finiss Mountain bike is a great deal that saves a lot of your money.


  • It’s the most inexpensive range with the services it offers
  • Most suited for fresher in the adventure of Mountain Biking
  • Available in a range of colors, one for every taste
  • Heat treated aluminum designed for all kinds of environment
  • Smooth ride on bumpy surfaces


  • It’s not much lightweight but the best option in the provided budget
  • The product is available in one size only

On a whole, this is the best choice for the fresher who are looking for not so heavy mountain bikes and are good at assembling while using a manual. The bike offers good performance and can serve both on and off-road and are ready to face all the turbulence during a trek. Also, cycling enhances your metabolism because it’s good exercise, altogether, so driving this safe and secure design would surely keep you fit and help you have a great biking experience. But, don’t forget to put on a helmet before you are out for a drive.

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2. Kawasaki Mihara Fat Tyre Bike

Looking for a fat bike, especially designed by the ones who construct motor bikes, this one can’t be missed if you are looking for a good quality option for the mountain bikes. This design is attractive because it is the best you can get under this range. This is special too because the design with the size of wheels is in vogue and people prefer to look for new products because the impression does matter.

Key Features

  • The size of the feels make it withstand all kinds of terrain
  • They are comfortable over rocky, muddy surfaces
  • The Wheels carry a 26” diameter, with 4” wide tires
  • Includes a set of mechanical Disc Brakes
  • Comes with a lot of gears in comparison to other fat bikes

The fat bike with a pair of monstrous wheel design is something you don’t usually get in this budget, and more specifically where you are looking for a product with the purpose of not just playing it on road surfaces but also travel up the hill over off-road surfaces. And, this bike, for instance, is an exception for the users. The bike is a product composed of aluminum and steel in order to raise a product that is durable, maintains the relevant velocity without compromising the comfort under the prescribed relevant weight.

Since the weight of the machine is much higher than the regular mountain bikes, they require some additional assistance when it comes to stopping and hence, that is the reason the company adds on the feature of disc brakes that make the ride much safer than before. The product is launched under the guidance of Kawasaki Mihara and hence, the product uses the best components without really increasing its expenses. The bike offers the facility of 24 gear that makes your ride fast enough and helps you quickly climb up the destination.

The product when ordered, includes a package of Neco headset, QR Seatpost Clamp, Rubber Grips, Adjustable Kickstand and assemble tools and this concludes as to reasons of buying a bike like that under such convenient prices.


  • Available in different color options as per the required style
  • Inclusive of assembly tools along with certain necessary accessories within the same range
  • Comes with multiple gear option
  • Comes with components designed by the Shimano Group
  • Made of aluminum and steel making it tough and resistant to turbulence


  • Heavy in weight because of the monstrous sized wheels
  • Need much more strength while applying the breaks because of its dimension

The bike looks ravishing in both the design it offers as well as the color schemes it holds that make it the best choice for all the one who is looking forward to buying a new one and start their big adventure. The design is attractive and hence, everybody can ride this masterpiece without following a second thought.   Ready to buy one, click right away to book the best pick of the era and begin the day with mountaineering.

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3. Murtisol Hybrid Bicycle

If you are looking for something that is designed for both men and women who are looking for getting into riding a bike, this bike would be a choice for that, designed in a way where all groups of the community can enjoy a ride. Light in weight and durable enough to withstand the challenges that occur while going forward on a tough ride up over a mountain trek. The ride is comfortable as it focuses on providing extra comfort to the riders by making it shock free, providing adjustable gear options, mechanical brakes, and such comfort within a price under $500 is worth a try for all those who want to spend a vacation and try for a mountain trek.

Key Features

  • Light in weight and is durable under all terrain
  • Adjustable seat for people belonging to different lengths
  • Can withstand a bodyweight of up to 250 Lbs
  • 27.5” HI-TEN New designed steel frame
  • Front and Rear Double Disc Brakes
  • Shock Absorbing Fork at the front

The bike is well designed for adults or more appropriate, for individuals belonging to different age group as the product is designed keeping in mind the weight and different comfort requirements and hereby releasing a product that is a safe one to ride up on all kinds of terrain. The bike is designed for all genders as well and keeping in mind the requirement, it is available in different color schemes such as blue, red, black, grey and orange. It provides a good bike suspension with a facility of dual disc brakes keeping in mind the safety requirements.

It provides an adjustable seat that can be set as per the requirement of the individual varying from 5’1” to 5’9”. Moreover, suspension fork in the front reduces shock tendencies that make it safe in all types of adventure experiences. It is also installed with Shimano products that help in a fast shifting of gears that provide a clean ride. The overall factors make it fit for all people, irrespective of what category they belong to because this ride is worth a shot.


  • Light Weight bike under the required budget
  • Comfortable and safe design
  • Adjustable seat design for people belonging to different heights
  • Front fork facility for shock resistance


  • Requires assistance while assembling if one is a fresher in biking
  • Not relevant for people who are tall enough because the seat might adjust beyond the limit

It is quite a good option as the product is less expensive and for the ones who are looking for variety with a minimal budget, this might be an option. Great price with a good quality product is what a consumer is looking forward too and this bike fits in that area. It is worth trying even if one is looking for a ride that is smooth enough and one has to avoid suffering from turbulence within the fresh air ride. Moreover, if looking for varied color options, this product might be worth opting.

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4. Schwinn Bonafide Mountain Bike

If you are looking forward to something in an exotic red and black combination, cleansed with a matte appearance, this one might be the best choice for less than some 500 bucks. The bold design with the flat handle holding a rubber grip makes the product appear even more elegant. The mountain bike appears quite handy because of the compacted design and appears lightweight too which would undoubtedly expand the speed of the ride. So if you are looking for a ride that brings up goosebumps, this bike is worth a try.

Key Features

  • 29 Wheels measure
  • High profile Light alloy rims
  • Shimano products to increase the gear experiences
  • Easy maintenance
  • Shimano EZ-Fire trigger shifters allowing a speed of 24 units

The product belongs to Schwinn, the company built in 1895 in Chicago, and since then the company is serving the world with the bikes revamping at every stage based on the universal user requirement. The mountain experience is though tough but people prefer to go for, so in order to enhance a safe experience, the company collaborated with the renowned Shimano in order to evolve the best product with minimal expense.

Who says that attractive designs compromise comfort because this masterpiece is attractive but offers a great ride too. The product is assembled with aluminum frame along with powerful Schwinn suspension fork powerful enough to soak up all the external pressures and make it shock resistant for its riders, specifically in the case of rough, bumpy terrains. The shock absorption is not as per the scale of a full suspension ride, but still makes it safe while cutting the wind on high altitudes.

There is an additional facility of front and rear brakes that make it relevant for the binding within tough mountain experiences over rough, heavy undulation over off-road surfaces. Since the bike is a bit compact, as mentioned above, the bike requires very less garage space and you can fit it anywhere you feel like you don’t need to buy a new room for the ride.


  • All products under renowned companies without gearing up the cost of the bike
  • Easy and smooth gear shift to avoid a disturbing experience
  • Alloy rims making it light in weight
  • Product under a 5-year warranty
  • Can carry all heights and weights over it


  • There is no lock available
  • One need to buy accessories that don’t come along the product

If one is looking for a product that is comfortable, safe, compact, easily maintained, attractive, elegant, durable and all the other qualities required with a mountain bike this is not worth a miss because all the features you get under $500, you don’t need to worry about anything. Just order the product soon and get ready to ride. Another perk in the list is an off-track offer, a 5-year warranty which is a rare feature offered by all the companies that sell mountain bikes, so the offer is worth a thought.

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5. Mongoose Impasse Full Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

If one is into elegant-looking vehicles that sound classic just like a luxurious car, then if one is equally into riding, buying this ravishing product, every element carved in silver and grey makes it even more appealing. And, who says that attractive things compromise their comfort because this masterpiece is not just extraordinarily appealing but also safe, secure and comfortable when it comes to serving a rough ride up at certain altitudes.

Key Features

  • The aluminum frame of the bike that makes it light in weight
  • Suspension forks to smooth the ride over undulated surfaces of mud and rocks
  • Alloy wheels for a better release
  • The disc brakes on the from and rear side of the wheels for a smooth landing
  • The silver color with a blend of black

The bike is a comfortable, elegant looking machine, that is designed specifically keeping in mind the performance, velocity, acceleration, suspension and all the relevant factors required for a bike to ride quick and retard without disturbances. This is one more example for the ones looking for with their budget, less than 500 bucks as it can handle anything that comes it’s the way. The fast ride can break all jumps, obstacles, mud, everything, and even then it acts out fun being on a safe ride.

The ride is formed with the composition of lightweight aluminum that makes it handier. It follows a grip because of its wheels and lead to not just a safe ride over the bumpy surface, but also a right landing after a swift run. The wheels are wide enough of about 29” and because of the suspension, it carries its great to retard. The bike holds gearing and SRAM twist shifters that would have made the bike expensive, but here it is at the same price that suits well to your pocket.


  • Tough bike with full suspension
  • SRAM twist shifters with the same price
  • Better control during accessing a tough route
  • Shimano products within the same cost too


  • The product is similar for people belonging to all sizes
  • The product doesn’t have much color options
  • You might need some assistance in assembling

When it comes to buying a mountain bike, there are a lot of choices that are to be made, the type of wheels, what brands to look for, the features, the appearance and a lot more, and considering the factors one might find this a good choice because yes it fits the budget, one can definitely go for it and give this ride a try. Try the bold suspension and even try the classic look, because everybody does not just want to find themselves a good ride but also a creative looking one and this might fill in the brains that the bikes are no more boring. A bike is nothing but an elegant ride that is not just cool but keeps you healthy, which is worthy of taking forward to a trek.

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6. Mongoose Men’s Malus Fat Tire Bicycle

If somebody is looking for more options with the new one in fashion, that is the fat tire bike and a looking for possibilities into the same, this one is worth a look. This might be helpful for the ones who are craving for this extraordinarily ravishing set but their pocket doesn’t allow much and for those who look, the answers right here, the Mongoose fat bike with fat wheels would do well in your yard.

Key Features

  • Big knobby tires of 26” X4” dimension
  • The Shimano products assembled within (the rear derailleur)
  • The design as per the rough surfaces the bike has to tackle
  • Beach cruiser pedals with 3 piece cranks
  • The wide wheels that offer a grip over the rough terrain
  • Available in two exciting colors, silver grey with black and silver grey with maroon
  • The alignment of the handle keeps the rider in trail

Mongoose, founded back in 1974, in the California region is a brand that serves the individuals by their creation of the best mountain bikes. They were the ones that pioneer the bicycle boundaries and hence, bought a revolution in the industry by introducing the full-suspension mountain bike frames in order to keep in mind not just the design but safety and security of the rider. They taught the world that thrill has no limits and their bikes explain it all as the design doesn’t limit you in anything. Rather the bike is not just designed for a safe ride at the road but over the bridge or climbing an undulated mountain.

It doesn’t even slip over the fresh white snow. Their machines are pure as according to them; the show must go on and so should your ride. Since the tires are wide enough and hence, more specifically are terms as fat, they are attached over a supersized frame to meet the expectations of different terrains one face while performing their adventurous treks. Malus keeps the ground firm because of the width and any being, irrespective of what dimensions it carries can ride the bike with ease because it is able to resist all sort of pressures during the performance.


  • 26-inch fat-tire bikes specially designed to compete for the current fashion
  • available in two different colors and can be opted as per taste
  • compacted and don’t require a special place at the garage
  • the fat tires with extra suspension make it secure
  • The design is unisex and can be bought by anybody


  • The speed control, though is precise the speed as compared to others is sell
  • The spare parts, if required, could be costly
  • No special color options because it’s more oriented towards silver

There are very fewer options available in fat tire products as one always holds a limited budget. Moreover, if something is in fashion one usually opts for buying something that is trendier than the rest and this what increases the demand of the product because if you are into keeping your lifestyle up to date, then this is you right choice because you don’t have to spend much on this piece because the price is reasonable.

The wheels are wide enough that not just suits every terrain but also make it shock absorbent as it can help it reside in every possible situation. The bike is secure for all age groups. So, if looking for chasing an option that is not just trendier but also offers instant speed shift as per the budget, I will suggest that one must take it.

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7. Kent KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike under $500

Well, some might be wondering if there were some special mountain rides designed specifically for a single set of gender, so you can stop wondering because there is one piece that is designed for men. The design, the appearance, the features, everything makes it bold enough and the market call this bike specifically designed for the male community. As the name suggests, the dual-suspension mountain bike offers a speed of 21 units is now available in the market with its best price that is just 200 bucks which is way less than the budget and now, you can save something for your dinner because of this ride charge you away from less than expected.

Key Features

  • Aluminum frame with 26-inch full dual suspension
  • Shimano speed shifters allowing a speed of 21 units
  • Two different sets of brake for front and rear side (Front- Disc Brake, Rear- Linear Pull Brake)
  • Alloy wheel rims
  • Easy to maintain, not just the cleanliness part but also the repair because the spare parts won’t be that tough to buy
  • Carry floating beam suspension design mated to the suspension fork
  • Specifically designed for men

The product is originally designed under the guidance of shogun group launching the model name KZ2600, where the design is oriented towards the requirement of mountain bike features. Since the requirement is to make the product tough, the bike is filled with extra suspension. The company might not be old enough, but the product is launched with good quality aluminum frame and Shimano speed shifters that can make it a right choice because both the price and designed cannot be ignored specifically by the men.

The rims are created by the alloy with 36 spokes that make them look attractive, the color combination is different from the other option and especially if one is looking for something in matte in a darker grey finish with a tint of blue in order to enhance the appearance, this can be a great option because the price is well suited.


  • Pure aluminum frame with full dual suspension that makes it a safe drive
  • The speed is quite impressive as it can be used to ride over a race track
  • The design is impressive and is individual specific keeping in mind the anthropometrics
  • Shimano products make it even more worthy
  • The bike is appropriate for all dimensions of people


  • There is no specific range for women
  • Not much color styles available
  • For some, the overall parts are not much efficient because the cost is quite less, but it can still work for some

The bike is recommended for men because of its design that is suited for men that carry more leg dimension and require larger leg space. This is designed keeping in mind the mountain bike features and is worth a try, because the cost is convenient. The speed is fine, it’s just that in some cases the parts are not that good quality but is someone can adjust with that the choice is good for beginners.

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8. Raleigh Bikes Ziva Women’s Mountain Bike below $500

The ones looking for some another individual specific bike, there is another option for a women’s bike, specially designed keeping in mind the dimension and anthropometrics of women, a product like this is designed keeping in mind all those beautiful girls who like to taste danger. The size and the color too is to make the lady look even more ravishing while riding this marvelous piece.

Key Features

  • Customized design as per the leg room required for women
  • Aluminium frame with full suspension using a 100mm suspension fork
  • The 24 units speed using Shimano trigger shifters
  • Built with brake levers, grips, and saddle
  • Tektro Auriga Hydraulic disc brakes that stop ultimately making the bike even safer than before.
  • Varied sizes available like extra small, small, medium and large as per the legroom available

Who says that black is not the colour of women, because this elegant design is for all those girls who are bold enough to forget the softness and are ready to take this adventurous ride all by itself. The Raleigh model design works on providing ease to its consumers and hence, this product comes partly assembled, just some elbow grease and the product is ready to land on the ground and off for a ride over the bold, bouncy, bumpy terrains.

The product requires minimum assembling time varying from 30 to 120 minutes keeping into consideration that the individual is a ride or new in riding profession because if the person is new, it might take around 120 minutes. But, nevertheless, there is always an option to consult an expert and look for a local bike shop for assistance because a spare hand works well.

The company is also offering online chats and video to assist in assembling. The product has quality and style with the pinch of speed that is a relevant requirement as it has to be a mountain bike. The product is launched by a 130 years old firm and this association works on creating an experience that is worth an option and all this with the budget is a dream come true. The machine is durable and always up for a ride over high altitudes, no matter what kind of surface it has to bear.

The products assemble belong to good companies keeping in mind the safety, especially the hydraulic brakes that increase the security percentage to double. The design is for all the women who love to ride.


  • Aluminium frame that makes it even more durable
  • Specific brake levers keeping in mind the requirement of the individual
  • Partially assembled and hereby reduces the assembling time
  • Hydraulic brakes keeping in mind the safe


  • Black is the only color and there are not many options available for that
  • One has to check on the sizes before buying the product

The product is worth buying because this has got a revolution within the industry of all the new riders who are switching up their profession and coming out to join the tough league. It holds a spark and different sizes can make an individual opt for the right fit. It makes the riding experience even more comfortable. Ready for a ride, there cannot be a better option than this mountain bike.  

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Things to know before buying a Mountain Bike

Well, the world is flooded with variety. The more the number of products, the harder it becomes to choose among those. Especially, when one is new to the business of adventure. There are a large number of bikes available for varied purposes. Every product design holds its purpose. So, we suggest that one should keep in mind the purpose of the bike they are looking to buy. Yet, don’t forget how much you are carrying in your pocket. You might find the bike market a bit costly in the beginning.

If one has ever gone over a market survey with the bike industry, there are some varieties that are exceptionally popular with superb features. Are you looking for something suitable and exceptional, Barracuda can be a choice. If comfort is the utmost priority, I suggest Haro. There are some special editions with the ability to fight the varied conditions and accordingly, they have giant wheels with excellent suspension. For this, one can opt for Giant Mountain or Rocky Mountain bikes. Even K2 Mountain bikes are very much trendier nowadays.

Getting up one day and planning a thrilling vacation because you do not wish to continue your monotonous routine. Then you look up for options and here you are with a mountain trek that is both thrilling and exciting. Sound familiar, when you were thrilled or scared at the same time because your trek is incomplete without a stunning bike. Then you try to search for it but stress about surfing over a million options. I believe it’s good to have options but at the same time, it is troublesome. You have to go through a million ones.

While working on the content, various options came across. Certain factors hold utmost importance while choosing the best mountain bike. You must in mind the budget. So, while picking up the right bike, appearance is one factor that can be ignored. The quality and security of a product are way more important than how it looks. For this, one much look for its various other factors such as:

  • Suspension
  • Gear Shifts
  • Speed Units
  • The material used in constructing the frame of the bike
  • Maintenance and repair of equipment
  • The alloy used to keep the wheels intact
  • The front and rear brakes
  • The quality of wheels over rough, bumpy, undulated terrains
  • The warranty Card
  • The quality of products used in other parts apart from the frames
  • The cost of the product after a critical analysis of the services it offers
  • The dimensions it support

After considering the above factors, one can go for its appearance. The design of the product, the color options, the durability and how long they can sustain the external rough factors must be considered. Once you find yourself a comfortable fit, you might stop yourself looking for an attractive product. Colour comes after quality. And keeping in mind the above-mentioned factors, don’t forget to choose something less than a 500-dollar check. After all, the whole point is to get the best product within this range.

The mountain bikes are not many rare species. The best part about buying one is that they are easily available. Also, the utility is high. Even after the trek is over one can use the bike on the road surface. It is equally safe over the rocks as well as on smooth roads. Also, the bikes are safe for the individual and also for the environment. Due to the minimum carbon footprint, bringing a bike home could be your one-step in doing good for the environment.

In case you misplace or destroy any part, you can simply find a replacement with the brand. Moreover, some options are readily available with the shopkeepers around that are plenty. But if you buy a bike in a budget, make sure you get all the equipment from the same group. Otherwise, to increase their profits, they might misguide the consumers. This might ruin your first experience of buying your bike.

This warning is especially for those who are new in business and for all those who are into riding up a hill for a longer duration now. If you are an expert, you can manage things well. With the right and efficient mountain bike, this particular task is not very difficult. Just get ready with your equipment. Gear yourself up a little and ride towards those doubtful, unfriendly terrain but with the right bike.

Get up, smell the coffee and good luck to you wind breaking bike ride.

Happy Bike riding!

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