5 Best Men’s Watches under $200 with Expensive Looks

Watches are considered to be one of the best accessories that a man can wear to represent his style statement and status symbol. Watches are supposed to be the primary manly accessory and can make any man fall in love with its style and looks. If you ask a man about their best accessorizing tool, then you are sure to hear a watch, and they love it over their clothes, bags, and shoes as well. Rolling up their sleeves just to give you a glimpse of the stylish watch they are wearing is every man’s trick of representing their fashion accessory that can leave many in a wide mouth open state. A watch with a fancy and smashing look can leave others bewildered and can distract you from work craving to have the same piece on your wrist as well.

Best Men’s Watches

From classic leather band and analog movement to complex digital watch faces, the options are limitless for a man to find a watch that suits his daily needs and wardrobe demands.  It used to be almost impossible to get a decent men’s watch under a budget. In this article, we have shortlisted some of the best jaw-dropping men’s watches that you should take a look at. If you are in the mood to spruce up your look without spending a fortune, check out our list of top five men’s watches under $200 that certainly gives expensive looks. The men’s watches we have mentioned promise a classic look without spending an arm and a leg.

List of Best Men’s Watches under $200:

1. Men’s Watch Ultrathin Fashion Male Wrist Watches for Men

Men's Watch Ultrathin Fashion Male Wrist Watches for Men

If you are searching for men’s watches with those expensive and classy looks, then this ultrathin fashion watch is the best buy for all you guys who want to accessorize your wrists with style and class.

  • This watch comes with blue plating and metallic lustre which gives it a rich and priceless appearance. It is a perfect one for all those who want to sick up with fashion and business style in one single watch.
  • Apart from giving out impressive looks, it also comes out in a budgeted price and is you can flaunt its impressive looks and style amongst your friends to make your wrist look distinguished from others.
  • The watch is sweat, and water resistant thus facilitates you of not packing up your watches in a plastic bag whenever there are chances of rains. Yes, it is waterproof, but it doesn’t mean that you can submerge that deluxe masterpiece inside water and assume that it is going to work at its best.
  • Though it has those extravagant looks but can be used as daily wear due to its long lasting feature.
  • It comes with an adjustable band made of stainless steel and is quite comfortable and easy to wear.
  • You also get an instruction and tool package in your kit which you can read anytime when you have problems in setting the functions of your smartwatch.
  • This masculine timekeeping machine displays all the delicate details such as date, week and comes in a 24-hour display format.
  • If you are looking out for gifting something really presentable and luxurious to a guy, then this watch can serve you its best to be the best buy. It comes with a gift watch box making it a token of love to gift it to your father, husband, friend, etc.

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2. Luxury Diamond Automatic Watch Men’s Stainless Steel Waterproof Luminous Unique Designer Watches for Men

Luxury Diamond Automatic Watch Men's Stainless Steel Waterproof Luminous Unique Designer Watches for Men-$128.89

  • This watch is a perfect buy for all those guys who want to add up that simple soman look with a classy touch.
  • It is available in both the rich and vibrant colors that are silver and gold making you have an expensive look.
  • It has a dial window made of synthetic sapphire crystals and is luminous and key scratch resistant.
  • You can consider it as the best buy if you are searching for business watches. This watch has a simple and natural appearance and makes it the best choice for office goers and businessmen.
  • The time is displayed using a simple pointer and also displays the current date and time.
  • It is waterproof and can withstand water splashes and a bit of immersion. Though water resistant you cannot use this watch while swimming.
  • It also comes with a guarantee and warranty card which ensures you to rush back to us if you feel any kind of discrepancies or malfunctioning in your timekeeping machine.

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3. Carnival Diamond Dial Men’s Automatic Mechanical Tourbillon Skeleton Watch Date Business Waterproof Watch

Carnival Diamond Dial Men's Automatic Mechanical Tourbillon Skeleton Watch Date Business Waterproof Watch

  • This splendid watch deploys the Swiss technology and design for its manufacture.
  • It can be worn for any occasions and is a watch that can serve you in all terms of business, casual, fashion and luxury purpose as well.
  • The concept of this watch is so designed that it adheres to the motto of the brand that is ‘precision to create a legend.’
  • The mirrored dial that you see on the watch is made using synthetic sapphire glass and hence offers it a crystal clear and transparent appearance.
  • The watch displays the week and month on the crystal bezel.
  • Talking in terms of fashion, the skeletal design of the dial and precious rhinestones define the trendiness and luxurious aspect of the watch.
  • This watch can be considered as a symbol of status, fashion, trend, technology, and elegance.
  • It is comfortable and easy to wear, and the hollow and smooth design makes it a piece worth purchasing at first glance.
  • This is water resistant and can withstand water splashes and brief immersion although it can’t be worn while swimming.
  • This watch also comes with a guarantee and warranty card facilitating the users to rush to the showroom if they encounter any faults or issues in the watch. It also offers you a money back guarantee for 30 days if you happen to find any problems with your watch.
  • It can also serve the purpose of a gift as it comes well packed in a gift box and can be presented to a man who loves to wear watches.
  • The watch case and watch band material is made of stainless steel and has a watch diameter and thickness of 39mm and 11mm respectively.
  • We aim to provide our customers with the best kind of customer support services, and you can approach us for any types of queries and questions 24×7. Even if we are not online, you can drop us a message, and we will reply as soon as possible.

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4. Pebble Time Round 20mm Smartwatch for Apple/Android Devices – Black/Black

Pebble Time Round 20mm Smartwatch for Apple/Android Devices

  • The very first thing to start with the features of this watch is that this time keeping machine is a smartwatch and easy to use.
  • This watch can be used as a designer piece on your wrists to add on more charm and luxury to your wrists.
  • Pebble Time Round Smartwatch is supposed to be one of the lightest and thinnest smartwatches of all times, and you can compare it with any other smartwatch to find out the authenticity of this statement.
  • Talking in concern of its battery then you can use it for days at least for two days in minimum. You can charge it for 15 minutes and give it a battery life for another full day.
  • This smartwatch is not just a timekeeping machine but facilitates you other features such as calendar, texts, calls, notifications, etc.
  • It is an elegant piece that makes it a perfect combination of style and smartness.
  • It is available in two colors that are black with a leather band of 20mm and silver color of leather band 14mm.
  • Pebble Time Round Smartwatch is also capable of tracking your steps and your daily chores such as sleep, health, etc. and can show it on the timeline. The timeline feature helps you to stay up to date with all your whereabouts and activities for the day.
  • Concerning the comfortability aspect, this watch is one of the most comfortable watches to don on your wrist.
  • This watch is splash resistant, but it is advisable to safeguard it against brief immersions in water bodies.

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5. Luxury Men’s Automatic Mechanical Gold Plated Case Stainless Steel Band Waterproof Skeleton Watch

Luxury Men's Automatic Mechanical Gold Plated Case Stainless Steel Band Waterproof Skeleton Watch

  • The very first thing that you will notice about this watch is the golden dragon which gives this watch a distinguished and expensive look
  • It has a shiny finish and scratch resistant and can add on to your style statement.
  • It also has a luminous pointer which enables you to have a look at the time even in darkness.
  • This watch can be considered as the best buy for all such men who are in love with watches and love to keep a good collection in their wardrobe.
  • The synthetic sapphire dial gives it a clear and transparent appearance and can also withstand water splashes and brief water immersions. But again you need to take care that you do not jump into a swimming pool wearing this watch.
  • This watch can be wound automatically by swinging or shaking your watch and can also be done manually as well.

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So, these are a list of a few elegant men’s watches that you can buy under $200 at Amazon to don your wrists with style. You can also browse the site to have a look at other men’s watches that looks splendid and expensive as well. So, what are you waiting for? Get set and go grab your favorite ones before your favorite pieces go out of stock.

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