10 Best Kayaks under $1000: Affordable Fishing & Touring Kayak

Kayaking is one of the most followed adventure sports in the world. Amongst that Touring Kayaks are the most popular kayaks designed to be stable on the water and comfortable to sit in for both novice and an expert.


If you are looking to buy your first kayak and enjoy paddling on the local stretch of water then here’s our handpicked list of Top 10 Touring Kayaks under $1000

Before that, let’s look at the things to consider while buying Touring Kayaks; it will take few minutes.

1. Stability: Level of stability is an important consideration while looking for a Kayak. Tipsiness is a sensation felt when the Kayak is at rest. More the tipsiness, lesser is the stability.

For a newbie, a less pointy kayak is preferred since it increases the chances of paddler turning upside down. Rounded hull kayaks are appropriate for beginners whereas v-chine hull is happily preferred by expert paddlers giving them more speed and less stability.

2. Cockpit Rim Size: The cockpit rim opening size is important for entering and exiting. Touring Kayaks have a keyhole cockpit limited to the paddler's waist. Larger cockpits should be avoided due to the possibility of a large wave caving in the skirt and swamping the boat.

3. Length: Shorter Kayaks are easy to transport since they weigh less than the longer ones. But an experienced paddler prefers a longer kayak.

Since you are well updated about the basic factors while buying, let’s start with our list:

#10: PELICAN Summit 100X Kayak

Newbies can consider this kayak brand as your first one. With a capacity of 275 lbs, and dimensions 28x14x120 inches, the Summit 100X is the perfect vessel for beginners. The Polyethylene construction provides a lightweight feeling along with the shallow V-chine hull giving more stability.


The adjustable footraces and large cockpit rim size allow different sizes to fit comfortably. A rookie can paddle for hours without giving a second thought of maintaining the balance along with a pair of handles increasing paddler’s safety.

The cockpit is spacious to hold stuff with an adjustable padded backrest, a cockpit table, and a bottle holder. Now you can hold on with your beverages, paddling for hours without being felt parched and exploring the environment. [check full review]


#9: PERCEPTION Sound 10.5 Kayak

The kayak is fun to paddle and works great as a fishing vessel pleasing to a beginner as well as an intermediate paddler.

This kayak 4.5 feet long and has a large cockpit with a plenty of legroom and a width of 60 centimeters. It impresses as an angular model with a rounded hull giving right balance over speed.


The dashboard is creatively molded; giving additional storage opportunity for keeping trays while the back has an open molded container to hold tackle box whereas the front mold can hold a backpack. The paddled seat with adjustable backrest offers great comfort.

The molded handlebars at both ends enable a single person to carry this 23 kg without a concern of breaking it. The bungees in the front can be used to carry the paddle.


This roto-molded plastic kayak is made of a high-grade polyethylene plastic providing enormous strength and durability. Its UV rays resistant and can be easily repaired and recycled.

For nearly 40 years, Perception has created leading designs of the highest quality at an affordable cost and no doubt in saying that kayak is one of the examples of success. This kayak is recommended for teenagers who are planning their kayak debut making it perfect and memorable. [Read more]


The short Touring Kayak has enough space to accommodate adventure experience. This next big thing is helpful in exploring lakes, bays and estuaries giving a 12 foot long, 24 inches wide roto-molded plastic vessel with the 89 cm long cockpit.


It has a long water line for keeping a constant speed, and the semi flat V hull design makes the kayak float on water.

The bungee plunges are perfect to hold your fishing rod with plenty of storage in stern hatch. They come in different sizes where the smaller at the front and the larger one at the back.

The comfortable pull back seat and the cushioned backrest along with a bottle holder initiates your leisure time as soon as you enter the kayak.


Presence of thigh braces and adjustable footrest acts as a bonus. The semi-flat Mid Hull gives you stability while keeping you a little drier.

The presence of skeg gives an extra advantage of improving skills in moving water. Hence crosswinds are not going to threaten anymore with Islay around the waist. If you’re thinking of moving from a novice to intermediate one, then this is the kayak to look out for. [To know more click here]


#7: Dagger Kayaks Axis 10.5

Wishing for a long alone time on the lake? Then Axis 10.5 is a good choice. With a length of 10.5 feet, the polyethylene vessel weighs around 48 pounds and makes it easy to carry over.

This versatile kayak has height adjustable drop skeg used during cross winds. The skeg is present at the bottom of skeg box released by using the slider.


The slider is placed along the side of the cockpit. This brings an extra stability during harsh weather, and contour seating system gives a guarantee to travel some extra miles.

The word versatile itself defines it as something to be used on rivers. This demon capable of facing crosswinds comes with a mesh deck cover in front to hold snacks, dry clothes whereas the stern hatch can be used to store other food products, backpack, and the fishing tools.

The bungee deck rigging makes itself useful for holding on the paddles when you are resting along the river banks. [Full review]


#6: Riot Kayaks Enduro 12 HV

With a sleek polyethylene design weighing 20kgs, the Enduro can accommodate a guy higher than 6 feet without any complaints due to its 12 feet long length and a cockpit ring of 70 centimeters circumference.

The presence of rubber handles, bulkhead sealed compartment with thermolite covers offers space more than expected. Drain plug at the front drains out water.


The addition of paddle hook frees your hand, and if fishing is in your bucket list then, the flush mount rod holder gives you an extra advantage of fishing along with paddling.

It won’t be wrong to call it a perfect flatwater fishing trip vessel. Now you can have peace of mind paddling over long distances catching a catfish.

The kayak has integrated retractable skeg present at the rear bottom. The skeg is not used to change directions but, to keep your kayak in a straight line when paddling against crosswinds. Using a skeg is an art learned while paddling in different conditions. [Read more]


Moving up to the countdown, Aspire 105 is a promising creation of Wilderness Systems for novice and intermediate paddlers, closing the gap between efficiency and stability.


With a cockpit width of 60 cm and weighing around 22kgs, this kayak is far more comfortable to carry and ride for a single paddler due to the presence of comfort carry handles.

The hull is flat, providing a secondary stability along with skid plate at the base protecting the kayak from rocky launches. Phase 3 Airpro cushioned seats gives a happy back over large distances.

The newly redesigned Orbix stern bulkhead gives a better sealing, disallowing entry of water while paddling. The knee padding makes more comfortable, and the foot length can be adjusted using the new XL foot brace system.


The molded in gear tray and bottle holder are the added features which make it more likely to be brought home. So, all those paddlers who are done with the basic lessons of paddling; Aspire 105 is the vessel recommended for them giving an opportunity to explore the world beyond flat water.


The Wilderness Systems is most followed brand among the paddlers. They offer single seater kayak has the top notch design, best for novice and intermediate paddlers thus delivering a top level performance over lakes, bays, ponds and even light surfs.

High-density polyethylene hull provides durability along with a cockpit ring of radius 5.5 inches limiting its weight to 25 kgs. With an astounding length of 3.05 meters, cushioned adjustable backrest and knee padding anyone can sit comfortably for hours keeping paddles strapped in front of the kayak.


The 3D AirPro seating system provides cushioning that adds comfort and adjustability along with safety handles for further safety.

Some added features include: cockpit tray, bottle holder and a bungee at the top of the hull allowing storage of any gear for a long journey.

For fish finder, the kayak has grooved rails to slide your rod holders just behind the seating position.[Check full review]


#3: RIOT KAYAKS Edge 11 LV

Entering into the top 3, another reigning brand- Riot Kayaks have established their name in the kayak industry by producing several customer friendly Touring Kayaks, boosting the confidence of rookies and enabling experts to reach another level. Edge 11 LV is one of those creations by Riot Kayaks.


With a 47 pounds weight and a length of 11 foot, the LV serves as a stable and agile kayak. The sleek outline remains unnoticed even in the presence of progressive chine and flat semi-rounded hull.

Some of the features include: custom-fit seating system, drain plug, and quick-lock adjustable foot braces. The front deck rigging, rear compartment with a dual density hatch cover, front floatation bag, foredeck shock cord storage with paddle hook and safety straps, flush mount rod holder takes care of your belongings.


Retractable skeg is one of the important additions where the kayak remains straight and stubborn against the coast winds.

I would recommend it as a Value for Money product since it is one of the chosen kayaks from a well-known distributor- Riot Kayaks. The item’s packaging won’t hide what is inside thus ending your anxiety when received.


Riot Kayaks comes up with the 14 foot, 60 pounder Edge 14.5 LV , one of the favorite kayaks giving great performance and space at a decent price.

The kayak has plenty of room to enter with a cockpit rim size of 36.5 inches. Some specifications include: adjustable sliding foot braces, cushioned seats, rubber handles and a drain plug.


The hard chine lines keep it from tipping, creating a large surface area over the water. The center line at the bottom gives stiffness making it an appropriate touring vessel.

It comes with a special feature - the pilot rudder made of nylon which helps to keep kayak straight. [To know more click here]

Under $1000, it is a perfect craft for most people.



Wilderness System is a one big brand producing and displaying its best kayaks in recent times. With a length of 14 foot and a width of 28 inches, this 48-pound power boat has the capacity of carrying up to 350 pounds of weight.

The circular cockpit rim is 13 inches, certainly the biggest amongst all giving lots of space to relax your legs.


The seats are Phase 3 AirPro which doesn’t trouble you since they are quick drying foams. They bring the convenience to the paddler with a 6 way seat adjustment which moves back and forth and also according to the height.

This new kayak console gives you enough options to keep your coffee mugs, keys or snacks to munch on. The cockpit space can still be increased as this console is removable. Despite removing the console, there is enough space to keep your stuff.

I’ve heard about the struggle of opening the bulkhead compartment lid. Hence, wilderness has countered it by introducing orbix hatch covers at both ends which have hinges that make the opening and closing a mere child’s play.

The increased storage space gives you options of keeping bigger stuff when you go out for paddling.


What makes Pungo at the top of this list are its speed, stability, and comfort. The shallow V hull defines its stability. The multi-chine lines running along the length of the boat assure that the kayak moves straight even with an increase in speed.

A newbie can get a cheaper boat than this, but I can assure it won’t go straight all the time.

Wilderness Systems have been ruling the sales and have made a big name in the Kayak Production System. If you are looking for a brand new stable, robust and spacious kayak, Pungo 140 is what you deserve!



So, here are our top 10 kayaks under $1000 and each one of them was precious in some way or the other.

I hope you liked my own handpicked Touring Kayaks and would like to help you soon with some more suggestions.

If you have any queries or doubts regarding the mentioned kayaks then please feel free to voice your opinion ​in the comment section.

Thank You​! Have a Great Day Ahead.

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