7 Best Coffee Grinder for French Press (Mostly under $50)

Don’t you simply love that thick aroma of a freshly ground and perfectly prepared cup of coffee? That morning cup of coffee is pure bliss. But, how do you ensure that perfect cup of coffee every single time? The packaged coffee available at the stores is often never of the best quality. However, selected premium quality coffee beans, when freshly ground and brewed, give that flavor you crave for.

If you wish to wake up to that enchanting aroma every morning, or plan on serving the best coffee at your café, all you need to do is find the right coffee grinder. However, anyone who has been through this knows how difficult and confusing choosing the right coffee grinder can be. So, here I am, with a list of the selected best coffee grinder for French Press (mostly under $50).

What is ‘French Press’ and the need of ‘Coffee Grinder’?

Before we move ahead, let us make things clear for those who don’t have an idea about these intricate details. A French Press is an innovative means of preparing the coffee. The design is considered; to have originated in France and have been modified and modernized over the years to ensure that the coffee comes out as desired. Basically, it is a cylindrical press with a piston that allows the coffee maker to brew the coffee in the cylinder and then use the piston to push down a mesh that separates the residual coffee from the brew.

Bodum Chambord is a popular example of compact and modern French Press Coffee Maker Machine In most designs, there is a space left between the mesh with the piston at the lowest level and the ground coffee so that the mesh does not squeeze the coffee in. If you are using a French Press you will have to decide the temperature of the water and the brewing time. It is important to note that most people consider 4 minutes to be the perfect brewing time and that 20 minutes of brewing actually spoil the coffee.

However, the preferred strength and bitterness of the coffee brew will vary as per brewing time and thus French Press offers the ease of making the perfect brew as preferred by any person. French Press works best with coarsely ground coffee. It is important to have the coffee ground to the desired coarseness depending upon the type of French Press you will be using and your personal choice. If you are to use the French Press at your home or even in your own cafeteria, make sure you have the right grinder to grind the coffee with desired coarseness.

Top 7 Best Coffee Grinder for French Press:


Product Ranking Product Name Product Image Price
1. Gourmia GCG185 Check Price
2. Cuisinart DBM-8

Check Price
3. Gourmia GCG195 Check Price
4. Hamilton Beach 80365
Check Price
5. Krups GX5000
Check Price
6. Bodum Bistro
Check Price
7. Javapresse Manual Coffee Grinder
Check Price


1. Gourmia GCG185:
Gourmia GCG185


The first thing you are going to notice about this grinder is the smart and sleek design. The futuristic look makes it certain a major attraction of your kitchen. In terms of performance, the Gourmia is a fabulous grinder with variable settings for grinding and coarseness. You get to choose the coarseness needed as per your preference. But even with the maximum coarseness setting this can give you some powdered coffee that will seep through your French Press. Make sure you have the French Press that will be compatible with the coarseness this gives.

The heavy-duty steel disc can take on the major grinding job. Even though completely professional, the grinder is very easy to use and can be used by any person, even if it is for the first time. However, it is pretty noisy when used. A more silent operation is always preferable. There is a dual safety lock that ensures that you do not face any accident while operating. The Gourmia GCG185 is extremely low priced as compared to many other electric grinders available in the market.

So, if you were looking for something functional and cheap, this fits your bill. Moreover, it has the double safety feature that makes it convenient to use even in the household with kids. The steel blade can take on a pretty heavy-duty job without failing.


  • Low Priced under $50
  • Multiple Safety Features
  • Heavy Duty Burr Coffee Grinder
  • Can choose between 2-18 cups


  • Noisy while working
  • Sometimes coffee can be coarse

The Gourmia GCG185 is a good buy for those who love to have coffee and will like to have a grinder for home use at an affordable rate. It certainly does a good job with the coffee, but the grinding coarseness might not be suitable for every type of French Press. Make sure, it is perfect for yours.

2. Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind


Cuisinart is known for its premium quality products. However, let me tell you, this one is mainly made for the price-sensitive buyers and those who are looking to have a decent job done without shooting the budget. Cuisinart DBM-8 is perfect for a small to a medium family meeting. It will allow you to grind coffee beans for 4 cups to 18 cups of coffee. And, the best thing is, if you are using French Press you will not be disappointed. As in the case with many low budget grinders, the grinding does not come as consistent as it is the case with the costlier ones.

However, that is a small tradeoff I am ready to make given the price. Since French Press needs coarser grind, I wouldn’t term the fact that its fine grind isn’t too fine as a downturn for the product. Rather, it is a blessing in disguise for French Press owners. Not only is it quite cheap and affordable but it also easy to use for time users. However, the plastic built body is not sturdily coupled with noisy grind and you need to maintain it regularly to keep it in good working condition.


  • Cheap and Affordable
  • Very easy to use for newbies
  • Coarse Grind is quite impressive
  • Can choose between 4-18 cups


  • Plastic body, not sturdy
  • Proper maintenance is required

This Cuisinart product might not be like the premium grade we often get from the brand, but at the price range, it is certainly one of the best products you are going to get. Make sure you take good care of the grinder, though.

3. Gourmia GCG195


If you were looking for something better than the last Gourmia I featured in this review, here it is. The Gourmia GCG195 is the better and certainly a bit costlier model from the earlier version. This one allows you to have 15 grinding size setting from ultrafine to coarse grind. However, let me tell you, the ultrafine grind might not be as fine as is needed for the Turkish coffee, though advertised so. But we are interested in the coarser version for the French Press and the Gourmia GCG195 does a wonderful job with that.

The consistency is maintained and the grind is just perfectly coarse for your French Press. You will be able to make the adjustments at the press of a button. It is that easy to use. Moreover, there is practically no noise while operational, making it a non-messy affair, especially when you have guests at your place. The grinder works wonderfully in terms of consistency and gives a great grind. The coarse grind is simply perfect for any French Press. The price can be said to be moderately high but it’s still affordable considering the price-performance ratio.

It is easy to use setting and anyone can select the setting without having prior experience of using the coffee grinder. Stainless steel body makes it a sturdy product and the grinder is well suited for coarser grinding, but not so much for the ultrafine grinding. It grinds fine, to be honest. Moreover, there are issues with coffee getting clogged, which might happen due to the oil present. You will have to manually set it right.


  • Consistent coarse grind
  • Excellent Price to Performance ratio
  • Easy to Use
  • Overall sturdy


  • Not good for ultrafine grinding
  • Coffee can get clogged at times

Gourmia GCG195 is a decent coffee grinder and at a decent price. The usability is simple and you can prepare a variety of grinds including the coarse grind for your French Press. The consistency is great making it a very good choice, unless you wish to settle for the more noisy, inconsistent and cheap grinders.

4. Hamilton Beach 80365

Hamilton Beach 80365


This one is one of my favorites for a number of reasons. Let me start with the look. It has a minimalistic design, no fuss, and no fancy controls to confuse you. A simple hopper and grinder cup on top that does the job. You will get the grounded coffee and take it out of the cup manually, so no issue of this grinder getting clogged in between. The control makes it clear as to which size to choose for which purpose. There is the 5-step grinding size and it clearly mentions which step to select for which type of coffee (the first two for espresso, third for drip, and last two for percolator).

You select the number of cups you are going to prepare coffee between 4 and 12 cups, and you are all set. The grinding cup comes out and makes it really easy to clean as well. And, you get all of these at a price that is very much affordable. It’s very easy to use and can be assembled quite simple and works without making much noise. It has multiple modes that allow variable grinding options and is perfect for French Press Percolators. However, if you are okay with the normal fine grind, this is a great option as the grind is super fine, moreover if for some reason the grinder stops working you can fix it with ease.


  • Simple Assembly
  • Very less noise
  • Multiple Grinding options available
  • Easy to fix


  • The fine setting is not too fine.

With the price of the product it is at times expected that the result will not come as good as it happens with the premium grinders. However, this one does a very decent job. Whatever minor issues are present are all fixable. At an affordable rate, this is the best coffee grinder I have come across that will give me a good coarse grind for your French Press.

5. KRUPS GX5000 Burr Grinder

KRUPS GX5000 Burr Grinder


Let me begin with a fair warning about the listing of this product on Amazon. The KRUPS GX5000 is a Burr Grinder and suitable for grinding coffee of various coarseness or fineness. It is great for your French Press. However, there is also the KRUPS F203 listed on the same page which is a mere blade grinder and certainly not something you will buy to get coarse ground coffee. This one is rather suitable for finer grind and regular use.

This brings me to the next point, the product reviews. Customer reviews on Amazon are for the blade grinder while you will be looking for the burr grinder for sure. Thus, it is better to check out our review and decide for yourself. The GX5000 does a fairly good job with the grinding and has 9 levels of grinding for fine to coarse.

It allows the user to select the coarseness required. Also, there is a simple regulator to choose between 2 and 12 cups of coffee. The best thing about this is the extremely low price. Consistency is fairly maintained. The coffee outlet might get clogged at times, but with the simple design, it is easy to get that fixed.


  • Extremely low priced burr grinder.
  • Grinds in 9 variable grinding modes from fine grind to coarse grind.
  • Accurate selection of cups.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.


  • Grinding consistency could have been better.
  • Plastic body makes it not so tough.

This is a decent burr grinder at an extremely low price. Even though the body seems like cheap plastic, it does the job fairly well. If you have a really budget shortage but want a coffee grinder for your French Press, this is a great buy.

6. Bodum Bistro Electric Blade Grinder

Bodum Bistro Electric Blade Grinder


The Bodum Bistro is perfect for regular use for a small or medium sized family. The grinder can grind 8 cups of coffee at one go. The setup is simple and there is one button function. If you do not like fiddling with various settings, this one is the great product. I would say, this one was probably prepared to keep in mind the need of the old users. The rubber body offers the solid grip. And, before you start complaining about exceptionally short cable, please remember to unwind the entire cable. It is fairly large.

The electric blade does a good job and this one is perfect for the coarse grind that your French Press needs. The Bodum Bistro is lightweight and compact, which makes it highly portable and completely under budget too. However, it is a blade grinder and thus if you use too small beans of coffee then you might see some coffee beans not grounded as required. There is also no variable control available, which can be a benefit too for those who hate, complicated controls.


  • Easy and simple to use.
  • Light weight, compact and highly portable.
  • Extremely budget friendly.
  • Suitable for coarse grinding for French Press.


  • Grinding consistency could have been better.
  • Plastic body makes it not so tough.

The BODUM Bistro is for those who wish to have coarse ground coffee only and a grinder that will do just that without costing crazily high. This product serves the purpose.

7. JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder


How can the list be complete without this amazing manual coffee grinder? There are more than 18 clicks setting for the type of grinding needed and no one could have made a more precision based grinder than Javapresse. Simply select the setting that will give you the perfect grind and start grinding. It does not require any type of power to be operated. It is a completely manually operated mechanical device that has stainless steel parts, to ensure precision as well as longevity. I love this whenever I have to go out on a trip or on a trek.

No need to wait for a power supply unit. I can have my favorite type of coffee anytime and anywhere. It can be cleaned with ease as well. Most importantly, the price is very decent. The best part about it is that it is very portable and lightweight, and can work without power unlike other 6 coffee grinder for a french press in our list. Moreover, it has an excellent price to performance ratio that offers precision grinding as well.


  • Extremely Portable
  • It operates without power and thus perfect partner for travel and treks.
  • Reasonably priced product with superior quality.
  • Stainless steel body and parts make it highly durable.


  • The body is too smooth to have a firm grip and that can be a bit of a problem.
  • There is an inner soft plastic body underneath the stainless steel casing that might come out at times, but good news is, it is replaceable under warranty.

This is a great product but if you go to the fine grinding setting directly then the grinder is stressed unnecessarily. Always go for coarser grind and then notch it down to a finer grind.

5 Things to Consider while buying the Best French Press Coffee Grinder:

Once you are ready to go and buy a coffee grinder, you must prepare a checklist that will allow you to check out the pros and cons of every product.

However, you need not worry, since I have done the job for you and prepared a detailed description of every product listed here.

Nonetheless, let’s take a look at the important things to consider while buying the best French Press coffee grinder.

  • Grinding consistency – This is one of the most important attributes of any coffee grinder. If you are choosing a coffee grinder for your French press make sure you have the grinder that gives the perfectly coarse ground coffee. As you will remember,” French Press needs the coffee to be coarsely ground, but it should not be too coarse either.” How to know which coarseness is right for your French Press then? It should be simple enough. If the coffee is too finely ground, pushing down the piston with the filter will be really difficult. However, for a too coarsely ground coffee, the piston will move rather freely. You should opt for a coffee grinder that has the variable coarse grinding option.
    If, suppose, the coarseness is between 1 and 10 with 1 being the finest grinding, the ideal setting should be somewhere between 5 and 6 for the French Press.
  • Heat and Static – A grinder that does not rotate too fast also does not face heating up or static building issue. So, select a grinder that will be perfect for your regular use.
  • Sound – Even though grinding gives out a fine aroma, the sound might be a major setback. Never select a grinder that creates too much noise. It can even be due to too high revolving speed that you would not want. There are some manual grinders available and many prefer the manual version for the zero noise.
  • Maintenance – Any apparatus you use on a regular basis will need maintenance. While selecting the coffee grinder to make sure you have a good idea about the free maintenance service. Also, cleaning the grinder at home should not be too hard and you should be able to do that back home.
  • Price – This is among the most important decisive factors that will govern your choice. Affordability is important and we have seen to it while selecting our list as well. However, do not just concentrate on the price and ignore other aspects of the grinder.
Due to multiple postings of the same product by different sellers on Amazon, buyers are often duped into buying a substandard product with a similar description.


I have brought you some of the best coffee grinders that you will come across while shopping online. The need of every individual is different, so you will have to make the decision finally. However, do remember that this is not a paid review and thus you get the most genuine feedback about each product. Using links on this site will help you avoid those pitfalls. After all, you will certainly not look for the replacement, isn’t it? So, have a happy and safe shopping experience.

7 Best Coffee Grinder for French Press (Mostly under $50)
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