Best Bookshelf Speakers Under $500

Are you looking forward to Buying a Good Quality Bookshelf Speaker for your home? This guide will help you pick the Best Bookshelf Speaker under $500.

Speakers are a significant investment for all music freaks who love to have some fun time out just by playing their audio collections. Talking about bookshelf speakers they are pretty competent and as its name suggests can fit up in the empty space available in your bookshelves without occupying much of your drawing room’s area.

Bookshelf speakers are adept at maximizing the sound in small rooms to medium sized rooms as well. You can go in for purchasing a bookshelf speaker to add on as standalone equipment to give your drawing room a theatre system installed look.  Buying a new bookshelf speaker can bring chuckles and smiles to the face of a music enthusiast even with the thought of getting a new one.

Best Bookshelf Speakers Under $500

The best bookshelf speakers are capable enough to raise your roofs if you are a thorough audio junkie.  Convenience and comfort is the current trend, and many people wish to have those easy go lucky Bluetooth speakers and headphones to enjoy music, but if you are a hardcore music geek, then you must very well know the difference between listening to music on a Bluetooth speaker and a bookshelf speaker. The magic of melody and bass quality of bookshelf speakers are marvelous and can create the right mood and party fervor.

Best Bookshelf Speakers under $500

Not only music but you can also enhance your television watching experience by connecting these speakers to your television sets. Many people are so crazy about their speakers that they never mind investing in a system that can be costly than their cars.

But if you are out looking for some bookshelf speakers under $500 then here are few good bookshelf speakers that you can choose to arm your house with musical pellets.

1. Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers – 2.0

 Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers

  • The Edifier R1280 T is a bookshelf speaker that is a retro modern set with the look of yesteryears and sound quality of the modern times. It comes in the classic wood finish that gives it a classy image and makes it the best choice for every music lover.
  • ThisEdifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers comes with a remote control to give you access to controlling the volume at your fingertips and acoustic sound features such as treble and bass on the speaker’s side.
  • This speaker can be conveniently connected to devices which have dual output slots or with headphones of 3.5mm output.
  • It produces a natural sound that ranges from 13mm silk tweeter and s capable of giving out studio quality sound.
  • This bookshelf speaker comes with a two-year warranty card and guarantees you of high-quality sound and can be considered to be a reliable stuff to play out the music of your choice.

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2. Edifier R2000DB Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

Edifier R2000DB Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

  • Edifier R2000DB Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers come with a remote control to allow you to select the various modes of digital sound processing and control volume of the speaker at your fingertips.
  • It comes with a two aux input and can be connected to headphones with a 3.5mm output. It can be simultaneously connected to two devices at the same point of time and does not require switching and plugging.
  • You can connect it to your television sets, DVD players, gaming consoles, etc. and enjoy your music without any loss in the digital connection.

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3. Swan Speakers – M200MKIII – Powered 2.0 Bookshelf Speakers

3. Swan Speakers - M200MKIII - Powered 2.0 Bookshelf Speakers

  • This bookshelf speaker is a must buy for all those music freaks who love to have a speaker that has the feature of providing exceptional quality sound. It has high definition power speakers and is capable of giving out a room-filling sound of about 120w RMS.
  • The instruments can be positioned at a well-structured soundstage and can give accurate vocals.
  •  Swan Speakers – M200MKIII has a fibre dome tweeter and long throw woofer of 5.25” which is capable of providing powerful bass and punchy playback sound. The coaxial tweeters are brilliantly mastered at delivering detailed playback sound of vocals and other equipment’s.
  • It comes in a classy design which gives you an option of having a speaker with incredible sound with a classy and ethnic touch.
  • The cherry colored wooden enclosure box gives the speakers an elegant look and is proficient in reducing the standing waves for producing a natural sound.
  • It does not accommodate much of your space, and the commemorative plaque on the backside of the speakers are efficient enough to deliver rich and detailed soundtrack.
  • These speakers serve as a perfect companionship for your desktops, gaming consoles, music, movies, etc.
  • You can easily control the features such as volume, treble and other such features that are present on the front side of the speakers.

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4. Klipsch RP-160M Piano Black Bookshelf Speaker (Pair)

Klipsch RP-160M Piano Black Bookshelf Speaker (Pair)

  • This bookshelf speaker comes in black colour giving it a rich and pacified look.
  • The speakers are capable of providing theatre quality sound and are a compact bookshelf speaker that everyone would like to own. Its compact nature makes it one of the best buys and can be easily placed anywhere in your room without worrying about the pace that it may accommodate.
  • The dimensions of the speakers are 12.9×8.9×16.7 inches and weigh about 20.9 pounds
  • These speakers come with a warranty card, and hence you can rush to us if you face the slightest of problems in the functioning of your speakers.
  • Klipsch RP-160M Piano Black Bookshelf Speaker has a 1”’ titanium tweeter with linear travel suspension and a copper-colored cone woofer of 6.5”.
  • The speakers employ a flexible and robust grille and have a tractrix horn of dimensions 90×90
  • Basically, these bookshelf spe4akers serve as a treat for you when you want to listen to your favourite playlists and produces excellent quality sound.

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5. Polk Audio LSiM 703 MVC Mt. Vernon Cherry Bookshelf Loudspeaker

Polk Audio LSiM 703 MVC Mt. Vernon Cherry Bookshelf Loudspeaker

  • The very first and foremost things to consider this polka audio loudspeaker is the performance factor flexibility that it offers talking in terms of placement.
  • Polk Audio LSiM 703 MVC Mt. Vernon Cherry Bookshelf Loudspeaker deploys the tweeter and ring radiator in two different chambers which makes it efficient in providing better transient response and horizontal off-axis response.
  • The design of the overhung voice coil boosts up the power handling capacity and also enhances the bass of the speakers.
  • Polk Audio LSiM 703 MVC Mt. Vernon Cherry Bookshelf Loudspeaker is light in weight and has aluminum cast baskets that are capable of providing unobstructed linear movement and venting. The polypropylene cone is capable of maintaining the ideal balance and provides less distortion in the sound quality and provision of superior damping.
  • The speakers are so designed that it gives a green thumb up for delivering quality and detailed playback sound at both minima and maxima level of volume.

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6. Audioengine A5+ Active 2-Way Speakers

Audioengine A5+ Active 2-Way Speakers

  • These bookshelf speakers come with built-in power amplifiers and are compatible with all types of personal computers and laptops.
  • The Aidiogene bookshelf speakers are worth having if you are a music addict and
  • Audioengine A5+ Active 2-Way Speakers deploys customized tweeters and woofers and is categorized under high-performance speaker sets.
  • Buying this speaker ensures you of having a lovely musical experience without worrying about the boomy bass sounds produced by a few speakers that can cause irritation and disturbance. You can stay at peace and enjoy your love for music.
  • They are easy to install and can be connected easily with the components.
  • The components used are of top quality and thus you will not ever face any complaints regarding this matter.
  • The speaker is capable of giving out a high-quality aesthetic sound, and you can always prefer to use it as an alternative to computer music due to the high audio performance of these bookshelf speakers.
  • From movies to raps and classical and western, you can have an awesome experience with the bass quality sound that it reciprocates which will make you happy to bring this audio engine to your home.

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7. Two Room Set with all-new Sonos One – Smart Speaker with Alexa voice control built-In

Two Room Set with all-new Sonos One - Smart Speaker with Alexa voice control built-In

  • The bookshelf speakers are available in black and white colors and let out high-quality sound to retain your love and passion for music.
  • One of the best things that you may like about this speaker is that this is compatible with Alexa assistant and you can have a helping hand for yourself even for playing out your favorite songs. So you just need to let out your voice to demand your favorite songs and leave the rest to Alexa to do its part.
  • Buying this bookshelf speaker not only means that you can enjoy music in a single room, but the sound of this speaker can fill up two rooms with its rich voice and high-quality sound.
  • Apart from listening to your favorite tracks, you can also keep track of cricket scores, flash briefings, news, weather updates, etc.
  • One can also add more audio speakers to their rooms to fill up their home with the melody of songs throughout your home irrespective of any room that you may be sitting in.
  • The dimensions of this speaker are approximately 6.4×4.7×4.7 inches and weigh about 11.51 pounds.
  • Another thing that all mothers would love owning this system is that you can even make a lullaby request to the Alexa assistant when you are out in the kitchen cooking food, and suddenly your baby starts crying.

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8. ELAC B6 Debut Series 6.5″ Bookshelf Speakers

ELAC B6 Debut Series 6.5" Bookshelf Speakers

  • The speakers are of dimension 10×8.5×14 inches and weigh around 32.6 pounds.
  • These speakers come with an aramid fibre woven woofer and custom waveguide and intricate crossover. The boofers made out of aramid fibre ensures improved damping properties and adds on strength for a smooth bandwidth response.
  • The outer walls of the speakers are of thick MDF and have a textured, rich looking vinyl finish.
  • ELAC B6 Debut Series 6.5″ Bookshelf Speakers employs 5-way binding posts and allows a number of connection possibilities. The gold plating that you see helps in enhancing the connectivity.
  • These speakers also have a dual flared vent which can reduce the turbulence caused by air and prevent noise distortions.
  • The crossover enhances the performance and increases the accuracy of the performance of the speakers.
  • The bass sound has an extra dollop and makes it the best choice for all music orthodox and system that employs multi-channel functioning.
  • These speakers are capable of producing jaw-dropping sound and are a value for money purchase for everyone who has a love for music.

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9. NHT C Series C-3 3-Way Bookshelf Speaker

  • The speaker is of dimension 10.2×7.5×13.8 inches and weighs around 16 pounds.
  • If you want to experience high output bookshelf speakers, then these NHT C speakers are solely designed for you and are capable of delivering all the superb details of audio.
  • These speakers have enhanced dispersion property and can endow wide soundstage.
  • NHT C Series C-3 3-Way Bookshelf Speaker comes with a conical woofer and dome-shaped tweeter.
  • These speakers are highly serviceable and sturdier than the other NHT series.
  • It is designed in a compact format and can comfortably fit into your bookshelf.
  • It caters an expensive design and can be one of the posh things to own for your music cravings.
  • The subwoofers seem to be optional due to the bass response that ranges around 40 Hz.

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10. Q Acoustics 3020 Bookshelf Speakers

Q Acoustics 3020 Bookshelf Speakers

  • This Q acoustic speaker is one of the best bookshelf speakers that you can own in the range of $500
  • These speakers are capable of catering wide dispersion and low noise distortions.
  • Q Acoustics 3020 Bookshelf Speakers has dome-shaped ring tweeters and a low resonance cabinet
  • The speakers are apt at delivering realistic and significant bass response and three   dimensional sound
  • They can deliver high-quality audio in medium size and big sized rooms as well.
  • If you are someone who loves to experience the depth of music hen this bookshelf speaker is an ideal one that you can buy to curb your music instincts.

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By now you must have been well acquainted with the best bookshelf speakers under $500 that can let you have an incredible sound experience. So now it’s your call to choose the best among the ample of options available to stay obsessed with your music passion.

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