Top 5 Best Bookshelf Speakers under $1000

You’ve purchased your dream Hi-Fi system...

...and you’re ready for it to start kicking out your favorite tunes:

All you need now are some quality speakers to do it justice, isn’t it?

Well guess what?

Best Bookshelf Speakers under $1000 - featured image

There are so many speakers to choose from and you want to make the right choice, don't you?

Getting the Best Bookshelf Speakers under $1000 is not an everyday purchase and hence it has to be something that you will want to enjoy for a long time.

You want to ensure, you are getting the highest quality sound and make sure the bookshelf speakers you buy are durable as well.

Hence why I've listed the Top of the Line, Best Bookshelf Speakers under $1000 that you can buy right and add to your audiophile connection.​

5 Best Bookshelf Speakers under $1000​

1. KEF Q300W

KEF, whilst not a general household name, has been a big name in the audio industry since 1961.

It's a company that invests a lot into sound quality research and has produced some popular, well received and world famous speakers in its time.

KEF Q300W - Vinyl Bookshel Speakers under $1000

Whether you’re looking to purchase the main speakers for your house or additional speakers in a smaller room or even for a home cinema system, the KEF Q300 Bookshelf Speaker delivers quality sound at an affordable price.

The Uni-Q driver array helps to disperse sound throughout a room, ensuring that you can enjoy your music at the same quality wherever you are sitting.

KEF Q300W - Best Sounding Speakers under $1000

In effect, this is a larger, more sensitive tweeter which allows you to play music louder without any fear that the increased power will create distortion.

Quite the opposite, these speakers will give you a three dimensional and distortion free sound that will fill any room.

Other outstanding technology that these speakers offer is a new rigid aluminum cone coupled with a 2-inch voice coil which improves the output at the low end.

These speaker’s dimensions are 32.25 x 13.25 x 19 inches and with a weight of just 17 lbs they are the ideal choice for placing on a shelf, table or desk and the walnut finish gives them an attractive look. [Read full review here]

The Q300W speakers can also easily be paired up with other speakers in the KEF Q range. Add in floor standing speakers, centre channels and a subwoofer and you have yourself a home theatre system.


  • Affordable price
  • Easily compatible with other speakers in the same range
  • Excellent and unaltered quality at higher volumes


  • May need additional subwoofer to improve bass
  • Narrow ‘sweet spot’ volume level for the sound quality. Good at high volumes, diminishes slightly at lower volumes.

The compatibility of these speakers with others in the same range means that you can continually expand and upgrade your system without replacing your speakers.

2. Yamaha NX-N500

A well known player in the music industry, produces a genuine all rounder of a speaker.

Yamaha are the world’s largest musical instrument manufacturer so they know good sound when they hear it.

The Yamaha NX-N500 is compatible with a wide range of connection possibilities.

Yamaha NX-N500 - Active Bookshelf Speaker under $2000

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve purchased that expensive Hi-Fi system or not, these speakers can be connected to your smartphone, tablet or laptop and are compatible with a number of streaming services including Spotify, Pandora and VTuner.

They are also Apple Airplay compatible and come with a 24-bit digital output to allow them to be connected to a television.

This compatibility and ease of use is made even more apparent by the MusicCast Controller App which makes controlling all of your equipment simple.

The app is available for both Android and Apple devices and lets you maintain control of your sound in every room, including your television equipment.

Yamaha NX-N500 - Most Used Speaker under $1000

The technology includes a 1-inch dome tweeter which gives you high resolution playback and a balanced connection and transmission will ensure consistent sound quality.

A remote control is included which allows you to perform the basic functions far easier.

A 5-inch woofer completes the set up and provides accurate low frequency sound reproduction.

They are very easy to use and come equipped with indicator displays, which tells you the source of the playback and lets you know the operating status of the speaker.

However, ensure that each speaker is located near to an electrical socket could limit where you put them, and the fact that they have to be physically wired together makes the placement decision even harder. [Full Review]

The dimensions of each speaker are 6.75 x 8.75 x 11.25 inches and they have a combined weight of 26.9 lbs.


  • Well respected MusicCast App available to control your sound
  • Solid and well made
  • Excellent sound quality


  • Not small and lightweight
  • Not truly wireless, connecting wire required between speakers and AC required for each

If you’re looking for a high quality sound and you love the bells and whistles which come with an app and multiple connection offers, then these are definitely worth a consideration. 

3. Audioengine HD6

The HD6 combines the most popular features from some of the best selling Audioengine products into one fantastic speaker, the HD6.

It’s incredibly versatile and allows you to stream any media player or streaming service through it.

So whether you use Spotify, Pandora or even YouTube to play your music, the HD6 will have you covered.

Audioengine HD6 - Best Audiophile Booshelf Speakers

Wherever you want to stream from, be it your smartphone, tablet or computer, the HD6 will be compatible with it.

It comes with an optical input, which also allows you to connect network music players, TV systems or even an old school turntable, producing sound that is of the highest possible quality.

The speakers are beautiful to look at and their retro style will fit in with most styles of furniture.

The wood veneers, aluminum trim and magnetic grills give you a fantastic finish and as well as Cherry wood, the speakers are also available in Satin black and Walnut finishes.

Weight of Audioengine HD6 is 37.9 lbs and the dimensions are 11.75 x 7.25 x 10 inches.

The speakers come with a built-in amplifier which gives them their ability to play music streamed directly from a portable device, there’s no need to connect them to an external power amp.

Audioengine HD6 - Value for Money Stereo Speakers under $1000

Only the left speaker needs a power outlet, the right speaker is powered by the left through a cable which also ensures seamless sound between the two.

As for performance, the aluminum frames give an excellent low end performance whilst the silk dome tweeters give smoother and better quality highs.

The speaker cabinets are also thick and stable ensuring unwanted resonances are kept to a minimum.


  • Beautiful and stylish finish
  • Natural sound
  • Wide range of connectivity options


  • Audio cannot be tweaked, sound is standard
  • Pricey for smaller speakers

These are nice looking, compact speakers which would look stylish in any room that are well made, have excellent build quality and produce a very nice sound whatever the audio source.

4. SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speakers

If you’re looking at high-end bookshelf speaker (and your budget is at the higher end too), then these could be what you are looking for.

These speakers are designed with the knowledge that you want to feel you are listening to music, rather than listening to speakers.

As well as producing high quality sound; it is obvious that a high level of consideration has been directed at the style of these speakers.

SVS Ultra - Best Bookshelf Speakers under $2000

To put it succinctly, they’re beautiful!

The sleek finish in either piano gloss black or real black oak veneer would look at home in any modern decor.

SVS Ultra's striking design is not only about matching the decoration of your house but also yields plenty of audio benefits.

The panels on the surrounding cabinet are not parallel, which reduces the impact of standing waves.

The front baffle is wedge shaped which reduces edge diffraction and even the grille is designed to maximize acoustics.

Each speaker has dimension of 15 x 8.5 x 10.9 inches and weighs 19 lbs.

The 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter features an optimized diffuser which helps the speaker to produce exceptional highs.

SVS Ultra - Best Studio Monitors under $1000

The 6.5-inch woofer gives you clear midrange detail and a fantastic bass sound.

The composite glass fibre cone improves sensitivity and a vented voice coil former strives to minimise air compression while the shorting ring is aluminum which lowers distortion and improves the response at high frequency.

It's aluminum basket makes sure that all of the critical components in the speaker are aligned correctly which greatly enhances the overall performance.


  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Beautiful design
  • Powerful


  • High-end price
  • Need up to 200 hours to fully break them in

If you want the best loudspeakers under $1000 that are available on the market then you just might have found them. These speakers are for serious music aficionados and they will take some listening to before they are broken in to their optimum level.

5. Pioneer Elite SP-EBS73

If you’re serious about audio then you’ll know the name Andrew Jones.

He is a very well respected Pioneer speaker engineer and he has designed these speakers.

Already a glowing endorsement! They consistently appear on lists of top speakers and have won many awards for their innovative design and quality of sound.

Pioneer Elite SP EBS73 - Big Home Stereo Speakers

Pioneer themselves are a household name to everyone and purchasing speakers with their brand means you can virtually guarantee you are getting quality.

Other word in the title, ‘Elite’, may not seem significant at first glance but when you know that these are the first Pioneer speakers to feature the ‘Elite’ name in over a decade you might start to believe that these speakers are something a bit special.

Pioneer's Coherent Source Transducer (CST) is part of this new development in the Elite range and gives precise control on sound directivity, whatever the frequency.

This model also features quad gold-plated five way binding pots, giving multi element crossover technology along with Dolby-enabled concentric drivers.

Pioneer Elite SP EBS73 - Audiophile Hifi Speakers

These are a true three way design with each frequency designated a high, mid range and low driver.

Most bookshelf speakers currently available on the market only have a two way design.

This pushes the bass driver to produce at a level that is often beyond its capabilities, making these speakers ideal for being primary front channel or secondary rear channel speakers.

These speakers weigh 39.3 lbs and are 10 x 7 x 15 inches in size.


  • Innovative, award winning design
  • Great sound clarity
  • Bass doesn’t drown out mid-range at higher volumes


  • Some physical vibration at higher bass levels

These speakers have been designed by one of the best designers in the world, they are manufactured by one of the best known brands too who have felt the need to label it with an exclusive ‘Elite’ tab as it is at the higher end of their offering. It sounds like you can’t go wrong.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Bookshelf Speaker under $1000

  • 1. Speaker Size
  • 2. Sound Quality
  • 3. Room & Acoustics
  • 4. Technology & Accessories

If you’ve spent a lot of money on your hi-fi system then you want to ensure that you buy speakers that are compatible.

Make sure the speakers you purchase are going to give you the optimum possible sound from your system.

Does your system recommend any particular speakers; will it work best with speakers that are the same brand?

Keep these small things in mind as well before making a purchase.

Moreover how do you plan to connect them to your hi-fi system?

Technology moves on at lightning speed so it is best not to wait too long after your hi-fi purchase to purchase your speakers!

Are you just connecting to a mobile or tablet?

Do you need Bluetooth connectivity?

Will they connect via the Wi-fi in your home?

If you’re hardwiring your speakers the old fashioned way then do you have all the accessories you need to ensure they are properly connected?

Do the speakers need to be plugged into the mains or do they require charging, does this mean that they need to be near an electric socket?

There's a lot to consider, isn't it?


A $1000 budget for speakers is quite a hefty sum and if you choose one of the above products there is no doubt that you will be buying a set of extremely competent and well designed bookshelf speakers.

Before you make a decision, it is imperative that you decide exactly what you want to use them for, where are they going to go (does the design matter?) and just exactly how keen is your ear?

For ease of use and the sheer number of connectivity options then the Audioengine HD6 or the Yamaha NX-N500 are probably good choices. The same goes if you are a newbie to the audio market.

If you’re looking for a set of bookshelf speakers today, but want to expand your system at a later date then the KEF Q300W speakers may be a consideration.

If you are an experienced audiophile then the SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speaker will already be appealing to you, but you are not going to get a lot of change from your $1000.

The innovative sound of the Pioneer Elite SP-EBS73 may be a cheaper option whilst still producing the quality audio you crave.

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