10 Best Acoustic Guitar under $500

Even in the age of electric guitars:

Acoustic guitars have their charm.

The pure melody of an acoustic guitar is near impossible to recreate.

If you love acoustic guitar, then you must have been searching for the best acoustic guitars that will fit your budget.

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While there are the costly ones, it is easy to find great acoustic guitars under $500.

As far as the number of options goes, there are numerous acoustic guitars to choose from, and the task becomes quite difficult.

To make it easier, I have created a list of the best acoustic guitar under $500 along with detailed review about each one of them.

Check them out below and take the one that best suits your need

10 Best Acoustic Guitars under $500​

1. Martin LXK2

The Martin LXK2 Little Martin guitar is ideal for beginners and children with small hands.

The guitar is good for those who travel a lot and wish to carry the guitar along with them without making the luggage too big.

If you wish to gift a guitar for the purpose of learning and practice, do not go for the high-end product.

Martin LXK2 Little Martin - best mid range acoustic guitar

This one is the best value Martin guitar for the purpose, and you need not even worry about burning a hole in your pocket.

Weighing at just 8.4 pounds, it is easy to hold and includes buttons to fix a strap to the guitar as well.

However, the guitar itself does not come with a strap.

It has a small and modified 0-14 Martin body. Its HPL top is a wood pattern and has “1-style” Sitka spruce bracing.

Martin LXK2 Little Martin - best budget acoustic guitar

Martin LXK2 comes with Micarta fretboard and bridge, and 23” scale.

The neck is Stratabond modified low-oval, and it has got Martin’s patented neck mortise.

The tuners are Gotoh nickel-plated. And, your kid will love Martin’s scrip logo that adorns the headstock.


  • It is small in size and good choice for someone who wants to learn guitar.
  • The small size and light weight make it a superior traveling companion as well.
  • Guitar strap button present, making it possible to use a strap with the guitar with ease.
  • You get a Martin heavily padded gig bag with the guitar.


  • The gig bag is quite well padded, but it is not meant for protecting the guitar against rough handling.

"If you want a really great guitar within budget for your child who has just started learning guitar, or if you like travelling a lot and a full-size guitar isn’t something you will be carrying around, or if you find the full-size guitar not meant for your height and fingers, this is among the best choices you have got."

2. Seagull S6

If Seagull is your choice and you are looking for a great guitar at an affordable rate, then you simply cannot miss the Seagull S6.

It has been crafted for good and the feel of solid Cedar top and the genuine lacquer finish is quite magnificent.

Seagull S6 The Original Acoustic Guitar - best blues acoustic guitar

The hand finished neck creates a beautiful and melodious sound. It comes with a double function truss rod.

The back and sides are made of Canadian Wild Cherry, while the bridge and fingerboard are crafted from Rosewood.

Seagull S6 is one of the most iconic guitars and can easily be said to be the best acoustic guitar for the money.

The product is available with a dreadnought hardshell case and guitar stand.

Hence, no matter how you wish to use it, it is superb for all purpose. You can quite easily carry it with you when on a trip.


  • The sound is good, rich and beautiful.
  • Complete wooden finish and crafting give it an elegant look making it feel like one of the top range acoustic guitars available in the market.
  • The mid-range budget is easy on the pocket.
  • It is very good for those who have started learning recently and want something that is simple and sounds great.


  • Guitar size is very big; make sure you can handle it before you buy.

"This is the best mid-range acoustic guitar you will come across. The Seagull S6 has one of the best sounds, and the acoustic guitar has pure woodwork that makes it sound and feel like a product of much higher quality. However, you need to remember that the guitar is a dreadnought and thus you will have a problem if you are comfortable with a small size guitar."

3. Epiphone DOVE PRO

The Epiphone DOVE PRO is among the best acoustic-electric guitars available in the market.

There are many; who are confused about choosing the Hummingbird or the Dove.

The one major difference between the two is regarding the wood used.

Epiphone DOVE PRO Solid Top Acoustic Guitar - good intermediate guitar

The Dove is made of Maple all around, along with a spruce top. This creates a bright and cool tone that most people love.

It is one of the most long lasting guitars in the market, and you can rely on it to serve you for quite a long time in your life if you take proper care.

The fingerboard is made of rosewood, and it has Pearloid parallelogram inlays.

Epiphone DOVE PRO Solid Top Acoustic Guitar - best value martin guitar

The guitar comes with dovetail neck joint and sports slim taper “D” profile.


  • Acoustic-electric guitar allows you to either play it without plugging in or plug it in for performances.
  • The Maple back gives it a cool and bright sound that makes it a pleasure to listen to.
  • Price is quite on the low side, and it is among the best mid-range options available.
  • The guitar is good for those who are beginners and have a long life if taken care of.


  • While Epiphone has created a really beautiful guitar, they have a bad repute about providing after-sale service.

"The Epiphone DOVE PRO is a classic acoustic-electric guitar that is good for both beginners and professionals. With its beautiful sound and good features, it is quite clearly the best electric acoustic guitar under $500."

4. Seagull Entourage

Seagull is a known name in the world of acoustic guitars.

Their Entourage series is one of most beautifully crafted acoustic guitar series created in the line of the award winning S6 Original.

Seagull Entourage Rustic Guitar - best sounding acoustic guitar

The Seagull Entourage Rustic Guitar is good for those who are beginners as well as the ones who love the simple and vintage classic feel from their acoustic guitars.

The guitar sports select pressure tested solid cedar top. The headstock is tapered to provide stable and precise toning.

Compensated saddle and Tusq Nut provides better intonation.

Seagull Entourage Rustic Guitar - best mid range acoustic guitar

The size is good for a person of medium height, even though this is a full-size guitar.

Weighing just 8 pounds, it is easy to carry around and to hold, as you feel comfortable, without feeling any extra stress.

It has double action truss rod.


  • It is the good vintage classic form of acoustic guitar that is known for its beautiful and melodious sound.
  • The top is made of pressure tested solid cedar, among the finest available wood for crafting guitars.
  • Tapered headstock gives more precise and stable toning.
  • Tusq Nut and compensated saddle offer a much better intonation.
  • It is crafted in the line of the award winning S6 Original from Seagull.


  • The guitar does not come with any accessories, not even a carry case. You will have to invest in it separately.

"If you are looking for a purely acoustic guitar that will give the best value for money, the Seagull Entourage is best for you. It can easily be said to be the best budget acoustic guitar, given the quality and price for it."

5. Taylor BT2

The Taylor BT2 Baby Taylor acoustic guitar has been conceived keeping in mind the need of young beginner musicians who are just starting to learn guitar.

Taylor BT2 Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar - best acoustic guitar for the money

However, the guitar is not confined for kids. The ¾ Dreadnought size is optimal for many professional musicians as well who love to travel and compose on the go.

The top wood is solid mahogany, while the side and back is made of layered Sapele.

The guitar gives out a deep and rich tone that is loved by many music lovers.

The toning has been crafted to precision.

Taylor BT2 Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar - most beautiful acoustic guitars

Guitar is of a convenient size that will allow you to play on the lap or strapped to your body, as you may choose.

A soft case is included with the guitar making it the ideal partner for traveling musicians.


  • ¾ Dreadnought size is ideal for beginners and children as well as a good partner for professional musicians who carry guitars and compose on the move.
  • The top is crafted from solid mahogany, and the side and back are made from layered Sapele giving it a vintage classic finish.
  • The deep and rich tone is favorable and most soothing on the ears.
  • The guitar comes fully prepared, only requiring toning as per your preference.
  • The soft case helps carry the guitar wherever you go.


  • While the guitar has good tuning and a wonderful sound, there are some units with an issue with the tuning not holding for as long as it should. This is more of an issue with the quality control.

"If you are looking for a guitar that will be a bit smaller than the Dreadnought size and will come at an affordable range, the Taylor BT2 remains one of the best bet. It offers excellent sound and is quite handy. The guitar is useful for the children just starting to learn as it is for the traveling musicians. At an affordable rate, this is one of the best ¾ Dreadnought size guitars."

6. Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat

The Fender acoustic-electric guitar is one that probably every guitar enthusiast will love to have.

The top is made of solid mahogany, and the back and sides are crafted out of laminated mahogany.

Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat Acoustic-Electric Guitar - best electric acoustic guitar under 500

The sound is simply fantastic.

The guitar comes with steel strings, and the tuning keys are made of chrome dye cast.

It has scalloped X bracing and Fishman Isys III system with built in tuners.

The bridge is made of Rosewood with Compensated Saddle.

Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat Acoustic-Electric Guitar 2

Other special features include Hellcat position inlays on the 3rd, 5th and 7th Fret and Double Skull inlays at 12th Fret.

You get a 4-Ply Tortoise Shell Pickguard with this one. And, a special attraction is the Tim Armstrong signature on the Truss Rod cover.


  • The top is crafted from solid mahogany, and the sides and back are made of laminated mahogany that creates beautiful deep woody sound when played.
  • Fishman Isys III system with built in tuners make it one of the best acoustic-electric guitars in the range. With this, you are ready to rock the stage.
  • Steel strings with die-cast tuning keys allow exceptional precision tuning and good output every single time.
  • Even though it isn’t dreadnought size, the sound is beyond good for the size and rivals that of any dreadnought guitar.
  • It is good for starters as well as the professionals, and the size makes it good for children as well as for traveling musicians.


  • Some of the guitars have issues with the wood becoming too dry and thus upsetting the top and making it sunken. It is probably not good to get in a dry climate, or you will have to use a humidifier for maintenance. Though this isn’t universal problem.

"If you have been waiting to rock the stage with an acoustic guitar but just wasn’t able to lay your hand upon one that will do the job and will also be affordable, this Fender guitar is the answer. The small one is as good as any dreadnought guitar and is good for both learners and performers. And, this is among the most beautiful acoustic guitars you will come across."

7. LX1E Little Martin

Have you been searching for a travel guitar that will do a great job with the electronic system as well?

Then you are surely going to love the LX1E Little Martin travel guitar that comes with Fishman pickup.

LX1E Little Martin Travel Guitar - best acoustic guitar for the money

The pickup is beautiful and produces good melodious output with any quality amplifier.

Guitar itself is a good size that you will love to carry or strap and jam anytime.

It is ideal for a bonfire or outing.

Those who love to compose music while visiting various places will particularly fall in love with this little boomer.

LX1E Little Martin Travel Guitar - most beautiful acoustic guitars

You get a travel bag with this one.

Just remember, the truss rod is not too easy to reach through the small hole, and you will need an extra-long 5mm Allen (hex) wrench that you can get for free by calling Martin customer support if the guitar has been bought recently.


  • It is a small size acoustic-electric guitar with great output that rivals the large and full-size guitars.
  • The Fishman pickup creates a beautiful and melodious output using any quality amplifier.
  • The guitar comes with a carry bag making it easier to carry around, wherever you go.
  • It is good for simple jamming at home or for kids who started learning guitar or for bonfire and feasts.


  • The truss rod is quite difficult to get to, and you will need the right wrench for the job. It is best to call Martin customer service as the good wrench is hard to come by.

"The LX1E Little Martin is the good guitar for starters and those who love traveling with their guitars. It can easily fit into the luggage compartment of the flight and is pretty convenient to walk around with this strapped to the body. Thus, those who were looking for a smaller size guitar that will do the job almost as good as any full-size guitar, this is the one for you."

8. Yamaha A-Series AC1M

Yamaha has been known for creating some of the fabulous acoustic guitars available in the market.

Yamaha A-Series AC1M Small Body Acoustic-Electric Guitar - good intermediate guitar

The A-Series AC1M is a good small body acoustic-electric concert guitar for the price.

It is a concert size cutaway with solid Sitka spruce top and mahogany neck, back and sides.

The A-Series is one of the top class guitars from Yamaha, and this one comes with Yamaha’s proprietary SRT pickup that has been designed with individual elements for each string, providing crisp and clear output and ultra-wide bandwidth signal.

Yamaha A-Series AC1M Small Body Acoustic-Electric Guitar - best fingerstyle acoustic guitar

It offers superior tonal accuracy and much better dynamic response.


  • Simple and elegant build that is made to last for years to come.
  • Powerful output in both simple acoustic format and electric mode makes it one of the best acoustic-electric guitars in the range.
  • The proprietary SRT pickup from Yamaha has a separate element for each string, and it offers clear, crisp, and most realistic output with ultra-wide signal bandwidth.
  • Real wood binding and original wood inlays give it a distinct aristocrat look and feel as well as offers deep melodious tones with rich lows, detailed and open midrange, and clear highs. The music feels like a breath of fresh air.
  • The guitar comes with a free hardshell case for carrying it safely while traveling.


  • There has been a few disappointing pieces with the onboard preamp not living up to the expectation. It is more because of a few bad products going out and that needs to be checked by the manufacturer. However, return and replacement will mostly do the job, and you will have a great guitar at an amazing rate.

"The Yamaha A-Series is known for perfection regarding style and performance while being a guitar that anyone will feel proud to own. The AC1M is certainly one of the best in the series and for the price; it is a really good intermediate guitar. It builds the bridge between the acoustic and electric guitar and does the job with high precision. Music lovers need to try this out to know."

9. Taylor GS Mini

For beginners, the Taylor GS Mini is a good choice.

Crafted to precision with solid mahogany on the top and layered Sapele on the sides and the back.

Taylor GS Mini Mahogany GS Mini Acoustic Guitar - best electric acoustic guitar under 500

The result is a beautiful guitar that offers an amazing and melodious output.

The mini guitar is great for those who are just trying out playing guitar for the first time and has not yet mastered the complex chords.

The fingerboard is made out of original African ebony, and the neck wood is Sapele.

The guitar is ideal for experienced ones as well.

Taylor GS Mini Mahogany GS Mini Acoustic Guitar - best value martin guitar

You can easily carry it with you on a campfire or small gathering and even a gig at one of the city cafes.

The heavily padded bag helps in carrying the guitar.


  • The small size guitar is good for beginners and learners as well as experienced guitar players because of its portability.
  • The small size and the smaller body make playing complex chords easy and fun.
  • Original mahogany top with layered sapele used to build the sides and back results in a deep and melodious output.
  • It is not too hard on the pocket and offers a great performance for the price.


  • The tunings might create a bit of a problem, and you might have to retune after some time of usage.

"This is a great guitar for any beginner, and it has a beautiful tone thanks to the mahogany top. It is good to be used in a campfire or during any trip. The price is not too high, and the small sized guitar makes playing complex notes easy and fun. If this is your first guitar or you are getting a guitar for your kid, make sure you start with this."

10. Cordoba Mini O-CE

If you are searching for the cheapest acoustic-electric guitar with a decent output, this is the one that you should be trying out.

Cordoba Mini O-CE Travel Acoustic-Electric Nylon String Guitar - best fingerstyle acoustic guitar

The Cordoba Mini O-CE is an ideal travel acoustic-electric guitar that you need to have as your travel companion.

It is completely crafted out of Ovangkol and has nylon strings.

Cordoba Mini O-CE Travel Acoustic-Electric Nylon String Guitar - best blues acoustic guitar

The guitar sounds pretty rich and beautiful and offers all the comfort that a small size guitar must provide.


  • It is the good travel guitar, and anyone can use to start learning music.
  • Built completely out of ovangkol, it offers a really warm and rich sound.
  • The electric-acoustic guitar is quite great on stage as well and can easily be your companion when you perform in some gig.
  • The guitar comes with Cordoba gig bag.


  • There isn’t much to complain about this little one, but the guitar does not even have a strap button. Even for a small guitar, that is quite needed.

"If you are looking for an affordable guitar that can be carried easily, this one is a guitar you must give a try. The price is really low and this small acoustic-electric guitar packs quite a punch."

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Finding the right guitar, no matter what your budget is, is always a tough job.

There are too many to choose from, and it is almost impossible to know which will deliver upon the promise.

This is the reason I have well researched and tried out some of the top products to come up with this list of best acoustic guitars under $500.

You will not regret making a choice based on these reviews

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