Top 17 Best Acoustic Electric Guitar under $500

“Guitar” is one of the most popular and melodious instruments available around the world.

More than the instrument itself, it is the artist that has given a new level of recognition to the instrument with uncountable melodious music with the help of Guitar.

Acoustic Electric Guitar is becoming popular as the instrument is more versatile and comfortable and it has been attracting many seasoned Guitar player because of the freedom it offers.


There are varieties of quality and brand for Best Acoustic Electric Guitar under $500.

In today’s topic, I have come up with the best guide to get the best Acoustic Electric Guitar under $500. We all have a different range of comfort, and it is not necessarily correct that every Guitar will be comfortable regardless of its price.

This article for best Acoustic Electric Guitar under $500 is for all the newbie’s who are planning to buy a new Guitar.

Don’t forget to look for a Guitar that has a thin neck and smooth fret board. Check for your convenient of sound too.

Best Acoustic Guitars for Beginners

Are you confused? Are you having a problem in deciding which Guitar to choose? Here’s a list of Acoustic Guitars and their specifications for you.

#4: Oscar Schmidt OG2SM

Oscar Schmidt OG2SM looks amazing and sounds great. It has no problem and will hold up even after months of purchase.


If you are looking for an ideal Guitar to practice at home or perform on the road, this would be a perfect choice. It has almost everything that you are looking for.

Traveller prefers this guitar because of its portability and lightness, and rhythm guitarists appreciate it as well due to its tone and sound.


The Guitar is well suited for finger style picking. Since 1871 it has been a traditional leader of folk music.

"Reasons behind the professional look and identity of this Guitar are its distinctive headstock, bridge, and pickguard design."


  • High gloss finish.
  • Fully adjustable truss rod.
  • Mahogany neck.
  • Dreadnought style.
  • Chrome die-cast tuners.
  • Standard X bracing.
  • Fingerboard and bridge made of rosewood.
  • Warranty for a lifetime.

#3: Yamaha C40 GigMaker

It is an ideal guitar for beginners. Yamaha C40 GigMaker is affordable and it gives high-quality sound.


This guitar will attract beginners due to its easy playability.

Since C40 GigMaker is a full-size guitar; it will be difficult to be played by children and hence is advisable for children who are above 11 years or older.

Yamaha is well reputed for making quality classical guitars, and this is an inexpensive model.


There are classical models from Yamaha C40 GigMaker with a traditional high gloss finish. It has a wider neck than any other Acoustic Guitars.

"Hence, it is more comfortable to play plus it is very light. Once you tune the Guitar, the tune stays settled for long. It has the warm tone and rich sound; in fact, it is one of the best hollow body Guitars under $500."


  • Indonesian Mahogany in both the sides.
  • Nato neck.
  • Spruce top.
  • 19 frets.
  • Japanese Rosewood fretboard.
  • Japanese Rosewood Bridge.
  • Chrome hardware.

#2: Fender Squier Acoustic Guitar

Fender is quite a familiar brand among musicians. Almost all the musical store has this brand.


The first thing that comes to any musician’s mind is Fender, and they will always advise you to go for it. Fender has a reputation of offering distinct and guaranteed satisfaction to all its customers.

Fender Squire is a dreadnought full-size guitar that offers vibrant tone. This highly versatile instrument is suited for all styles and types of music.

Many newbies recklessly handles their guitar and if it is the same in your case, don’t worry because it is just a part of learning.


Since its dawn, Fender Squier models have amazed people with its affordable guitars. If you think you are limited by your instrument while you are improving then, this Guitar will never let you down.

"With this Guitar, you can play any genre and style that comes in your mind. Fender Squire is one of the best Acoustic Guitars under $500."


  • Catapala back material.
  • Rosewood fretboard.
  • Agathis Neck.
  • Top material is spruce.
  • 6 strings.
  • Highly versatile.

#1: Epiphone Hummingbird Pro

Epiphone Hummingbird is a legendary guitar in country or rock music. It was first introduced in 1960. The sound produced by this guitar is sweet and well balanced. The look given to this Guitar is iconic. Playability of this guitar is very smooth.


In fact, everything about this guitar is well maintained keeping in mind about the people’s satisfactions and expectations. Epiphone guarantees lifetime warranty and ensures your guaranteed pleasant experience.


  • Mahogany neck and body.
  • Adjustable truss rod.
  • Rosewood, reverse belly bridge.
  • Rosewood fingerboard.
  • 20 medium frets.
  • Saddle with compensated and imitation bone.
  • Nickel hardware.
  • 12” fingerboard radius.

Best Hollow Body Guitar under $500

  • Just because the hollow body is also known as semi-Acoustic, don’t get confused with the name semi-Acoustic and Acoustic Electric Guitar.
  • These guitars are best suited for jazz however; they have also left a mark in other genres like country, hard rock and pop.
  • Even though these Guitars produce a low Acoustic tone when unplugged, you will be surprised to hear the sound when it is plugged, and this is where the actual character of these Guitars shines.

#3: OE30 Purple Burst Oscar Schmidt

OE30 purple burst Oscar Schmidt is a perfect guitar for beginners. It has every feature that any expensive guitar would offer. The sound is thick and rich. It is well suitable for live shows as well.


It will match perfectly with those who fancy blues. It looks superb with its high gloss finish.


  • Mahogany neck.
  • Semi-hollow body.
  • Humbucker pickups.
  • Rosewood fingerboard.
  • Adjustable and detachable neck.
  • Classic 335 body style.
  • 24-3/4@ scale length.
  • Dot inlays.

#2: Ibanez Artcore AM53

Ibanez Artcore AM53 was first introduced in 2002, and since then it has been stealing musician’s heart as the best choice for Hollow-body Guitar.


It is highly appreciated by many musicians. The tone and sustain of this guitar are just speechless. Everything is well balanced, and it gives an excellent response to various music genres.


  • Chrome hardware color.
  • Rosewood fretboard with white dot inlay.
  • Artcore Mahogany set-in neck.
  • ART –ST Bridge.
  • ART-ST tailpiece.
  • Sapele top, back, and sides.
  • Medium fret size.
  • Infinity-R (H) Neck Pickups (passive/ceramic).
  • Infinity-R (H) bridge pickup (Passive/Ceramic).

#1: Washburn HB45WHK

The best thing about any hollow body guitar is that, it is lighter and it produces deeper sound than their body counterparts.


Washburn HB45WH has a double cutaway maple body and a solid maple block in the centre which increases sustainability and reduces unnecessary feedback in high volumes.

The guitar is well suited for jazz, blues, and rock. The convincing sound and its iconic look make this guitar better than others in similar price range.


The madness behind removing the f-hole in this guitar has a reason; it reduces feedback and gives clean sound.

If you haven’t tried hollow body guitar before then, Washburn HB45WH will be great to start with.


  • Rosewood finger fret.
  • 2X volume 2X tone.
  • 22 no. of frets.
  • Pearl/Abalone split block inlays.
  • Maple top, back, and sides.
  • Three-way toggle pickup selector.
  • Dual Washburn Humbuckers pickups.

Best Acoustic Electric Guitar

#4: Guild D-240E

The powerful tone and well-balanced voicing make this guitar distinct from another guitar.


The design of this guitar allows producing great volume and projection plus long sustain.


  • 20 frets.
  • Matte polyurethane finish.
  • Slim C neck shape.
  • Dreadnought size.
  • Chrome hardware.
  • Solid Sitka spruce top with mahogany back and sides.
  • Guild AP-1 active Acoustic Piezo pickups.

#3: Yamaha FGX800C

FGX800C is the upgraded version and electric version of FG800. There are many new features comprised in this guitar.


Mahogany back and sides along with solid spruce top make it improve its tone with high quality. Without any doubt, this guitar is the first choice in experiencing Acoustic Electric music.


  • Single cutaway.
  • 20 no. of frets.
  • Gloss body finish.
  • 3-band preamp EQ.
  • Dreadnought body.
  • Rosewood fingerboard.
  • Solid spruce top wood.
  • Scalloped X Bracing pattern.
  • Matte-neck finish of Nato wood.
  • Die cast tuning machine.
  • Under-saddle piezo configuration.

#2: Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat

Armstrong, artist of the legendary band Rancid has given some brand new features to the Acoustic Guitars, and Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat is based on his vintage 60’s Acoustic Guitar design.


The guitar is indeed candy-for-the-eye and immense pleasure to the ears. Despite its small size Hellcat can project stunning sound. In fact, the Hellcat will become your best friend and faithful companion.


  • Satin body finish.
  • Fishman Isys III System.
  • Concert body shape.
  • Scalloped X bracing.
  • Rosewood Bridge.
  • 5-star customer rating.
  • Hellcat position inlays.
  • Black painted headstock.
  • 4-ply tortoise shell pickguard.
  • Solid mahogany body top.
  • Laminated Mahogany back and sides.
  • Compensated saddle and chrome die-cast tuning keys.

#1: Taylor Koa Baby Taylor Limited Edition

Taylor Koa Baby Taylor limited edition is pretty popular and has taken the level of Acoustic Guitar to its peak.


The model has brought portability with many features which made it prized by various musicians.

It is dynamite, and it will make your jaw drop when played plus the electronic put to this guitar is very impressive with 100% guarantee.


  • Ebony bridge.
  • Tusq nut and saddle.
  • 15@ fretboard radius.
  • X bracing.
  • Die cast chrome tuners.
  • Solid figured Koa top.
  • Tropical American mahogany neck.
  • Laminated Koa back and sides.
  • Taylor expressions system baby electronics.

Best Sounding Electric Guitar

  • When we speak of Electric Guitar, it has a solid body unlike the hollow body of Acoustic Guitar for which it gives the ability to sustain sound more.
  • Further unlike Acoustic Guitar, it produces less sound without amplification as it doesn’t have a hollow body. As a result, the sound cuts through the air. Therefore amplification and speakers are a must in its case.
  • Its pickup act as a sensor to sense sounds when the strings vibrate, it then automatically converts the sound into electrical impulses.
  • Because of Electric Guitar many genres like rock and roll, blues, rock, heavy metal, etc. were developed. It was also a dominant instrument during 1950s-1960s for pop music.

#3: Monoprice 610210 Route 66

You can’t tell the importance of a product by just mere description and picture. What matters is the Brand.


Monoprice has a reputation for producing low-cost guitar with good specifications. It’s a subsidiary of Gibson with better and standard configurations.



  • 22 frets.
  • Chrome tuning pegs.
  • Rosewood fingerboard.
  • Basswood body material.
  • Archtop single cutaway body style.
  • Dual chrome Humbuckers pickups.
  • 90 degree counterclockwise assembled knob.

#2: Dean MAB4

Dean MAB4 is an outstanding guitar with all the necessary ingredients to bring out full potential in shredding with style.


The guitar has a double cut modern body made of basswood. It is also one of the intermediate models in the series covered custom paint graphic.


  • Maple neck.
  • Bolt-on neck.
  • 24 jumbo frets.
  • Grover tuners.
  • Pearl block inlays.
  • Floyd Rose R3 nut.
  • Black dome knobs.
  • Dual action truss rod.
  • Black hardware color.
  • Basswood material on top.
  • Gauntlet custom graphics finish.
  • DMT design pickups for neck middle and bridge.

#1: Gibson Les Paul Studio Faded 2016

A smooth, traditionally carved maple top and unbound body, these features makes this guitar attractive.


The beautiful faded finish of Les Paul lends the awesome look of a well-played vintage guitar. The guitar is packed with pro-level features with a price of way below anything.

In fact, it is going to tempt you with its legendary resonance and sustain with great playing comfort.


  • Traditional tuners.
  • Worn satin finish.
  • 22 frets.
  • Graph Tech nut.
  • Stopbar tailpiece.
  • Tune-O-matric Bridge.
  • Rounded ’59 neck profile.
  • Rosewood fingerboard.
  • Classic Les Paul neck heel.
  • Historic original neck width.
  • Comprehensive hand-finished setup.
  • Burstbucker Pro humbucker pickups.
  • Carved maple top over mahogany with modern relief.

Best Left Handed Acoustic Guitar under $500

  • Generally, first timers get confused; whether or not to become a left-handed or a right-handed guitar player.
  • Although most opt for right-hand guitars, most conservative lefties would go for the left handed guitars; thinking it might provide them with natural focus and flexibility.
  • The problem arises once again in search of a left-handed guitar because of its rarity.
  • It is quite difficult to search for a good left handed guitar as the demand for the right handed guitar is usually more, and the price factor becomes more important in this case.
  • Thus searching for a good left handed guitar at a low price is not an easy job. Here I have listed some best left-handed Acoustic Guitar under $500.

#3: Yamaha FG720S Left-handed

If you are familiar with Yamaha FG720S, you will realise that FG720SL is left handed model. It is a light weighted guitar with great looks and gives an amazing feel while playing.


It comes with a natural gloss finish, a solid Sitka spruce top, chrome die-cast tuners; this guitar has potential to become the perfect left handed guitar.


  • Nato neck.
  • Natural finish.
  • Solid Sitka spruce top.
  • Eastern Mahogany back and sides.
  • Rosewood fingerboards and bridge.

#2: Oscar Schmidt OG2 left-handed Dreadnought

The Oscar Schmidt OG2 left-handed Dreadnought is a good choice for left-handed guitarists who are trying to get their first left-handed guitar.


This is a complete dreadnought with a High-gloss natural finish and has been designed in the most comfortable way.

The Oscar Schmidt OG2 left-handed Dreadnought is an affordable guitar, but this does not mean you will be compromising with the quality of it.


  • Affordable price.
  • Spruce top.
  • Catalpa body.
  • Adjustable truss rod.
  • Chrome die-cast tuners.
  • Excellent craftsmanship.
  • High-gloss natural finish.
  • Full-size Dreadnought style.

#1: Seagull S6 “The Original” Left-handed Acoustic Guitar

The Seagull S6 “Original” Left-handed Acoustic Guitar is a brilliant left-handed guitar which comes with an ultra slim and comfortable neck and a solid cedar top.


It is a good looking guitar with an excellent semi-gloss custom polished finish. Seagull is known for producing guitars with an excellent finish, and this guitar is just an example of their quality.


  • 1.8” nut.
  • 21 fretboards.
  • Solid cedar top.
  • Dreadnought body.
  • Silver leaf maple neck.
  • Semi-gloss custom finish.
  • Wild cherry laminated sides.
  • Wild cherry laminated back.

Final Words...

So these are some of the best Acoustic Electric Guitar under $500 from which a newbie can easily choose from.

These come in an affordable range but still you would not need to compromise on the quality.

Just chose the best that suits you according to your comfort level and I have even listed a separate section for amateur left-handed guitarists who are trying to upgrade their instrument.

Just make sure that you go through the complete details of the guitar that you decide to buy as these details are important in shaping your playing skills and thus help improve your performance.

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