10 Besk Hiking Backpack under $100

Whether you are a hiking enthusiast or bitten by the wanderlust bug:

Your hiking bag is going to be your best and most reliable mate.

No matter where you are traveling, you will have to carry some essentials all the way with you, and what better way to do so than packing it all in a hiking bag?

Best Hiking Backpack under $100

If you have invested in a great backpack, it is going to last long and will be the only thing that you will be carrying on your trips.

Besides being pretty cool in terms of looks:

Hiking backpacks make it easier for any person to carry essentials for trekking and camping.

It is a “must have” accessory for not only hikers alone, but every person who loves traveling.

10 Best Hiking Backpack under $100

1. TETON Sports Explorer 4000

TETON Sports Explorer 4000 is perfect for serious trekkers and campers.

It's sturdily built with enough room for adjustments to fit any person with any body shape and size.

The Explorer allows enough space to pack a complete sleeping bag along with other essentials you might need during your trip.

Teton Sports Explorer 4000 - best budget backpacking pack

Its internal aluminum frame makes it easy to carry the bag and holds the structure.

Pass through side pockets are available that will allow you to carry long gears (tent poles) during your trip.

TETON provides a limited lifetime warranty and it is one of the major reasons why most professionals prefer their products.

Teton Sports Explorer 4000 - best cheap hiking backpack

Incase you come across a product that does not live up to your expectation and as it has been advertised, the amazing customer support actually stands by their products and the promises and changes the product with a good quality unit.


  • High volume, completely adjustable bag; perfectly suits a wide range of body sizes
  • Padded straps makes it easier to carry heavy weight in difficult terrains
  • Bag's back allows enough airflow to keep you cool and prevents sweat accumulation on your back
  • Integrated rainfly to keep the bag dry in case of unexpected shower
  • High quality available at affordable price


  • The rainfly is not quite useful in case of very heavy shower, so better carry your own raincoat for the bag
  • There are some issues with stitching with a few units, but that is taken care of by TETON customer service

"This one is a great bag at a very affordable price and perfect for those who are serious trekkers. It can easily be used for a 2 to 5 days’ trek easily."

2. TETON Sports Fox 5200

If you have been searching for the best camping backpack under $100 as well as the best hiking backpack for money, the TETON Sports Fox 5200 covers both grounds.

It is one of the backpacks with largest internal space and extra-large hydration bladder that will help you go on long trip to any part of the world without any worry.

Teton Sports Fox 5200 - best hiking backpack for the money

This multi-adjustment bag can be fixed to torso of almost all sizes and shapes.

For the price, the TETON Sports Fox 5200 is quite roomy and you'll be able to merge compartments to create more space.

All types of loops and belts are available that will allow you to carry the gears for trekking, with ease.

The rainfly at the bottom will take care of the bag and the products within.

It is lightweight, sturdy and the perfect partner on long journeys or hiking trips.


  • Extra-large capacity that can be increased as needed
  • Light weight and sturdy
  • Limited lifetime warranty, will take care of almost all the issues you might face
  • Perfect for both backpacking and high terrain trekking
  • Lightweight and adjustable internal framing, can be modified as per the body structure


  • There are some minor issues with some units; however, customer support takes care of the trouble in almost all the cases
  • The included rainfly is only good till mild shower and not under heavy downpour

"The TETON Sports Fox 5200 is the perfect example of multi-use and versatile bag. Whether you are going for a trek or for a trip, this can be your perfect partner."

3. TETON Sports Hiker 3700

TETON is built to last!

Whatever issues you might face while using any one of their products, their support team helps you out with a replacement in most cases.

The TETON Sports Hiker 3700 is built keeping in mind the needs of the hiking enthusiasts.

Teton Sports Hiker 3700 - best cheap internal frame backpack

Whether you plan for a trip to the Alps or the Himalayas, you can rely on this product to see you through.

Adjustable straps, modifiable length and breadth, roomy compartments, multiple side pockets, gear loops, padded straps and body clearly puts it on the list of the best hiking backpack for the money.

TETON Sports Hiker 3700 has got almost everything; a professional hiker can ask for, and that too at a rate that is not too high.

The ultra-light back frame is strong enough to hold the structure of the bag and make sure that you do not have to bend while carrying.

The great padding makes the task even easier.

With roomy space for your sleeping bag and tent materials, you are all set to start your trek.

One of the most important things about mountaineering is the weight and the bag itself is just 4 pounds; clearly making it easier to carry.


  • A high quality hiking bag for professionals at reasonable rate
  • Light weight yet sturdy build
  • Limited lifetime warranty from TETON takes care of almost every issue that you come across while using the bag
  • Roomy compartments and enough pockets and loops to pack all the essentials to go on a mountain trek
  • Adjustable in all sides to suit all types of body


  • The rainfly included with the pack is good for mild shower but will not hold good in case of heavy downpour
  • Some issues with pasting and stitching have come up; however, that is sorted by the customer service in most cases

"TETON Sports Hiker 3700 is ideal if you are moving on to the professional trekking sphere and wish to get the best hiking backpack for the money, this one should definitely be on your list."

4. High Sierra Appalachian 75

This High Sierra hiking backpack has been made for the serious hikers and adventure enthusiasts.

It is made up of man-made materials and offers enough capacity for a week’s hike.

High Sierra Appalachian 75 has highly durable and lightweight aluminum back frame that can be adjusted to suit your torso structure.

High Sierra Appalachian 75 - high sierra hiking backpack

The bag has got compartments located such that you can easily pack each one with ease and access your goods without having to rummaging through the entire content.

The sleeping bag can be stored in the bottom compartment and is completely separate from the other parts of the bag.

The top side opens up to give you access to the main compartment.

Front side opening gives you access to the main compartment.

With enough side pockets, hydration packs, bottle pockets and loops to carry various hiking tools, this one is built to be your partner during any trek.

High Sierra Appalachian 75 - best packable backpack

There is also a rainfly that is tucked in the bottom compartment and can be opened to protect the bag from any mild rain or shower.


  • Completely adjustable bag with enough adjustment options to suit all types of torso
  • Heavy padded body and strap to offer extra comfort
  • Lightweight aluminum frame that can be adjusted to your back length and that allows you to easily carry the weight without bending over
  • Air flow contours to keep your back fresh and sweat free


  • Price is quite a bit on the upper side and budget buyers may go for other options
  • Some packs are somewhat faulty with complaints of ruptures and breakages, though it is not a standard across all products

"The High Sierra Appalachian 75 liter trekking bag is perfect for serious hikers and mountaineers. There are all sorts of adjustments and compartments available that any hiker will ask for. Moreover, it is a value for money bag available in a premium range."

5. Mountaintop 60L/55L+5L Water-Resistant Hiking Backpack

Ask for the best cheap internal frame backpack and Mountaintop will probably make it to the list every single time.

Mountaintop 55L:70L - best budget backpacking pack

Mountaintop certainly does not go over the top with their features and keep it simple, useful and within a low budget.

This Mountaintop backpack has got all the major features including big main pouch, place for sleeping bag and rainfly storage, and loops to carry the essentials for putting up a tent, camping, or trekking.

Mountaintop 55L:70L - best cheap hiking backpack

The body is made up of water-resistant fiber which will make sure that the interior stays dry.


  • Internal framing holds good and helps ease the effort to carry the bag through high terrains
  • Extremely low price makes it perfect for budget buyers
  • Water-resistant body keeps mild rain away
  • Air-flow pockets on the back keeps the back dry and comfortable


  • The quality is not the best in business; though quite good for the price tag
  • Warranty is not for lifetime

"This one will be the perfect bag for backpackers and those who have recently ventured into hiking. It is a great bag within affordable budget."

6. TETON Sports Scout 3400

TETON is known for creating some of the best hiking bags in the market. As you can see that I've already mentioned 3 Teton bags earlier.

The Sport Scout 3400 is perfect for those who are starting out in the journey and is a great basic model hiking bag available at a really affordable rate.

Teton Sports Scout 3400 - best hiking backpack for the money

Teton Sports Scount 3400 has a capacity of 55 liters and weighs just 4.5 pounds.

The bag can be adjusted as per the type of body structure. Whether you are an adult or a young hiker, the pack is perfect for you to carry on a few days’ trip.

It comes with a concealed and integrated rainfly that will prevent the bag from getting wet in case of mild to medium rainfall.

Teton Sports Scout 3400 - best hiking backpack for the money

The padded straps make it easier for you to carry heavy load without having extra pressure on your shoulder.

It has got multiple pockets, allowing you to conveniently store all the necessities during travel.


  • High quality at affordable rate
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps to fit a variety of torso type and comfortable weight carry
  • Integrated rainfly protects materials in the bag from getting drenched during rain
  • Light weight and high capacity for a perfect trip of 4 to 5 days
  • Great consumer support and product replacement by company in case of any defect


  • Rainfly isn’t too good in case of heavy rain or areas with too much of water
  • This isn’t suitable for heavy camping gears and for use in extreme conditions

"The TETON Sport Scout 3400 is a great bag for those who are just starting to experience the joy of hiking, camping and traveling. It is a great buy at affordable budget. However, there are some issues that rough campers might face however this is a great starting range hiking backpack."

7. Mountaintop 65L Internal Frame Backpack

The Mountaintop backpack is both quite good, smart and stylish. If you were looking for the best packable backpack, this one should be one of the products you shortlist.

The weight distribution of the bag is really great and if you follow the way the pockets have been created for different products and pack accordingly, you will find that the bag will hold 30 pounds without even being 70 percent full.

This Mountaintop backpack is made up of water resistant material.

This means that unless you are going through heavy rainfall, the water resistant fabric will help you keep your products clean and dry.

Mountaintop 65L - best cheap internal frame backpack

There are compartments available for sleeping bag, rain cover, water bottle, hydration pack, and every other essential item that you might carry.

The separate attachment for poles and other hiking and mountaineering tools will come in handy if you are going on a trek.


  • It is quite affordable and offers good quality at reasonable rate
  • Water resistant fabric keeps away mild rain and other water splashes
  • Great weight distribution makes it easy to carry
  • Adjustable size allows it to fit a wide array of body sizes
  • Internal frame allows better support as compared to those without frames


  • The bag is not too sturdy for taking on extreme trips
  • Warranty is offered for only 90 days
  • The bag structure is not completely perfect and you might have to bend forward a bit to support

"The Mountaintop 65L backpack is good for beginners and for those who are looking for a smart and stylish looking backpack within a short budget. It can almost make it to the list of the best cheap hiking backpack with its affordable price tag."

8. WASING 55L Internal Frame Backpack

The WASING 55L backpack is a fairly good backpack for a few days’ trip.

It has got waterproof body material that can keep out the rain water, in case you are traveling to a damp area.

The Wasing 55L Internal Frame Backpack holds strong and the adjustable size makes it perfect for a variety of torso size and build.

Wasing 55L Internal Frame - WASING 55L Internal Frame Backpack

The back of the backpack has contours to allow free air flow.

This means that there is no more sweat accumulation on the back resulting in offensive odor.

At a relatively cheap price, this one does a fair job of holding up to a large extent.

There are enough compartments that will allow you to pack enough products for trekking or hiking or camping.

Wasing 55L - high sierra hiking backpack

The outside pouches and pockets, in addition to the internal ones, make it easier to compartmentalize while packing.

Side water bladder can be reached with ease even while wearing the bag.


  • Price is pretty low making it highly affordable for those who do not have a big budget for trekking
  • Internal framing is good enough to make it easy for carrying heavy load without the bag bending and putting extra stress on the shoulder and waist
  • Adjustable length and side straps allows you to fit the bag as per your body structure
  • Water resistant material is helpful when you are traveling during the monsoon or to a place that is quite damp and prone to rainfall


  • The stitching is not of exceptional quality and it is better to stich it once yourself
  • Padding isn’t enough making it a bit difficult to carry too heavy load
  • Limited warranty covers only 90 days

"WASING is a good brand if you are not into extreme hiking and trekking. It is great for those who are on a limited budget and want to have a good trekking bag without having to spend too much."

9. Speedo Tri-Clops Backpack

Are you all set for the Triathlon? Is cycling among your favorite sports? The Speedo Tri-Clops backpack is then made just for you.

This product has been designed and crafted keeping in mind the special needs of athletes in mind.

Speedo Tri-Clops - best packable backpack

Whether you have to hydrate yourself while riding, or have to carry a pair of running or cycling boots, or simply need some extra pockets for the goggles, this bag has it all sorted.

Speedo Tri-Clops Backpack bag is both perfect for sportsperson as well as designed it likewise.

The red flash on the black body creates the perfect stylish look that any sports person will fall for.

Speedo Tri-Clops - Best Hiking Backpack under $100

However, if you thought that this is merely for the triathletes, you are mistaken. There is room to pack in your essentials for a few days’ trip.

It is even able to carry your sleeping bad and other essentials.


  • Roomy compartments for various products including shoes, goggles, and dirty clothes
  • Easy to carry around while cycling or running
  • Easy to reach pockets that allows you to get the packed items without much hassle
  • Can be used for small hiking trip as well
  • Sturdy and comfortable build
  • Airflow management to reduce sweat formation while carrying it


  • The price is not exactly the cheapest among the lot for a bag that is primarily designed keeping in mind the needs of athletes
  • Even though the capacity will support you for about 3 to 5 days easily, it is not really meant for mountaineering or trekking; best for travel at the most
  • The shoe compartment is good if you do not have large feet or use heavy shoes

"Speedo can easily make it to the list of best packable backpack because of the various compartments that are well sorted into segments and help keep your items well sorted the entire time. It is great for the athletes and for those who simply love travelling and just wish a really sturdy bag without too many adjustments and loops hanging out."

10. High Sierra Titan 55

You might be a bit surprised as to why this bag features in this list.

Even though this High Sierra hiking backpack is a bit over the $100 mark, it is not much to keep it out of the list.

And, most importantly, this one packs some serious punch.

High Sierra Titan 55 - best budget backpacking pack

This 55-liter framed backpack is perfect for those who have a leaner torso and cannot count themselves among the tall built ones.

It is one of those products that is comfortable, fits great, and is highly adjustable as well.

It comes with a rainfly that will guard the bag in case of rain spells during your trip.

The bag can be used for hiking purpose with ease, using the loops and straps to carry ropes and other equipment that you might need for trekking.

The separate compartments help in arranging the items properly while packing.

A sturdy framework means you need not put too much pressure on your back or waist, especially when you are climbing high terrains.

Even though there are adjustable straps available, it will not do too good for those who are close to 7 feet in height and too heavy built.​


  • It is a comfortable and sturdy backpack perfect for high terrain trekking as well
  • The bag is built such that it can fit a small torso as well
  • S shaped straps are perfect for those who have a lean torso
  • Roomy compartments and enough pockets and loops available to hold important hiking gears and accessories
  • Top load and front load facility along with adjustable size and length
  • Rainfly will guard the bag against mild to medium showers


  • The price is a bit on the higher side
  • It is not too good for those who are with a very heavy or tall built

"This High Sierra hiking backpack can be said to be perfect for those who love hiking and trekking and yet find most of the bags available in the market to be too big or too large for their body. The quality is worth it and if you were really looking for something in the smaller size variation, this is the perfect product for you."


There are plenty of bags out there in the market and it often gets confusing as to which one to choose and what to look for.

I have prepared a list of the best bags that you will find in a short budget.

These are some of the best bags that have been tried and tested by millions across the globe and are among the most trusted products.

While the perfect bag for you will depend on your usage, purpose and budget, you will find all types of hiking bags on this list.

So, check them out and place your order.

The links to each of the products are present to help you find the authentic one.

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