Best Hiking Backpacks Under $100 – July 2020

The, seemingly, never-ending hustle and bustle of everyday lives can be exhausting sometimes. And the best way to stay sane in the fast-track lives today is to take a weekend off. Doesn’t matter if you go for a hike, trek, or a luxury vacation. Just move away. A rendezvous with the tranquillity and calm of the pristine mountains and forests act as a detox for your mind and soul. The first gear that you require for any hike is a hiking backpack. From your sleeping bag to sleeping pad, flashlights, tent, shoes, clothes, and other essentials, a good-quality hiking backpack can carry everything without a hassle. Given that you will be carrying the backpack for long hours while hiking, you need a quality piece that will cater all your hiking needs.

So you want to choose the best hiking backpacks for any kind of hikes but are confused. Choosing a backpack can be a difficult task given that you don’t know how you are going to use it, that is; whether it is a short one day hike or a long hike that will last for at least a week.

Don’t worry, we have taken the freedom to shortlist some of the amazing hiking backpacks with tons of essential features that will fit suitably according to your hiking needs, doesn’t matter if it is a short hike or a long hike. In this review, we will cover the best hiking backpacks that you can avail.

Best Hiking Backpacks Under $100

Now that you are planning to hit the road soon and hit it hard! Here are the 10 best hiking backpacks under $100 that you must take along.

Best Hiking Backpacks Under $100 – 2020 April

Here are the 10 best hiking backpacks that you must take along.

1. Outlander Ultra-Light Travel Hiking Backpack

Outlander Ultra-Light Travel Hiking Backpack

If you want to hike like a Pro, of all things, you cannot overlook a reliable hiking backpack as a part of your hiking gear which will hold your stuff as you explore new horizons. Outlander Ultra-Light Hiking Backpack does exactly this for you. It is lightweight, water resistant, and perfect for your weekend-long hiking expeditions. Features of this Hiking Backpack will make hit the roads right away!

  • The water-resistant and high-rip nylon is a strong fabric which makes your backpack last longer. Plus, bar tacking technology is used on the stress points.
  • The two-way Abrasion Resistant Zippers are strong and immune to wear and tear.
  • This compact backpack can be folded into a tiny packet and unfolded back into a backpack.
  • The backpack will help you stay organized with various compartments. It also has side pockets for water bottles and umbrellas, and inside pocket to protect valuable stuff.
  • The design of the backpack is minimalistic and it looks oh so stylish that you feel like carrying day in and day out.
  • The backpack itself is light but has a volume of up to 33 L, enabling it to carry everything from your clothes to other hiking equipment.

When talking about cons of this backpack, it is considerably small for a long hiking trip because you cannot fit all your equipment like camping gear, or shoes into it. Then again, it is perfect for a day or two long hiking trip.

Apart from that, the Travel Hiking Backpack from Outlander is, indeed, ultra-awesome and more than that, extremely popular amongst the young hikers. You can use this backpack for occasional travel and day-to-day purposes too.

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2. Venture Pal Hiking Backpack

Venture Pal Hiking Backpack

If traveling solo is what makes you feel happy about life, then this lightweight and packable Hiking Backpack from Venture Pal will make the perfect silent companion for you. It is loaded with features which will make you want to grab one and head out in the sun.

  • It is made up of strong synthetic, weather resistant fabric which holds together all your stuff and keeps it safe. The fabric is light, making the backpack last longer and the bottom is double-layered making the backpack stronger. Plus, the stress-points are double tacked to enhance durability and reduce wear and tear.
  • The two-way non-abrasive SBS metal zippers are durable to hold your stuff when you are out battling the tough terrains.
  • The straps are built up of breathable mesh and padded material to keep the backpack secure on your back while reducing the stress on your back and shoulders at the same time. These straps are adjustable so that you can customize their length and it also comes with a chest strap to secure the backpack to your body further.
  • The backpack has separate compartments to keep all your stuff organized and secured. Whether you are looking for a pocket for water bottles, accessories, or clothes, you are good to go with Venture Pal Hiking Backpack.
  • This backpack has volume enough to carry your belongings for a weekend-long or a week-long trip. The 35 L storage allows you to pack to your heart’s desire for your hiking trip.
  • It weighs a mere 0.7 pounds and can easily be folded into a compact packet when not in use. It is perfect for saving extra luggage charges when traveling by air.

One of the issues faced by users with this backpack is the feeble stitching which starts to tear apart if you carry heavy stuff in it. Then again, for a hiking backpack under $100, it is one irresistible deal.

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3. Durable Hiking Daypack Backpack by Hikpro

Durable Hiking Daypack Backpack

If you are tired of paying overweight luggage/ baggage fee again and again when heading to the mountains, this ultra-light and compact backpack is made for you. Hikpro Version 3.0 is designed to take care of your hiking needs and is an ideal backpack for a weekend-long hiking excursion.

  • The backpack is built with strong synthetic nylon which is water and weather resistant, keeping your belongings secure as you walk ahead. The stress points are secured with double bartack technology to keep the backpack long lasting. The durability is enhanced with strong abrasion resistant SBS 2-way metal zippers.
  • The side mesh pockets are designed to make carrying a water bottle and umbrella easier for you. They are built up of resilient, tear-resistant material.
  • The shoulder straps are adjustable in length, broad, and padded to reduce the stress on your shoulders.
  • The backpack is embellished with compartments to keep your things organized with ease. The outer pockets are small, granting quick access to smaller accessories, and the larger pockets can hold your essentials.
  • The backpack easily folds into its own interior and can be unfolded as an extra carrier while hiking.

Even though the features of this backpack are to kill for, some users found the backpack too delicate for rugged use. Well, what more can you ask for in a backpack which will cost you less than 20 Dollars?

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4. Outlander Packable Hiking Backpack

Outlander Packable Hiking Backpack

When you have had it till here in your regular routine and want a week off from all the corporate chaos around you, this Packable Hiking Backpack by Outlander is the perfect companion for your escape.

  • The backpack is made up of highly rip, waterproof, and tear and weather resistant nylon fabric. The fabric makes the backpack strong and long-lasting. The bar tacking on the stress points make the backpack more durable.
  • The two-way non-abrasive SBS metal zippers will no longer get stuck in the flaps due to the neat design of the zippers.
  • This 0.7-pound backpack can hold up to 35 liters, which makes it a perfect companion for a week-long hiking trip.
  • The volume might make you wonder how much you will be spending on overweight baggage charges, but that will be least of your concerns with this portable backpack. Just fold the backpack into its inner zippers and carry it wherever you want to. Just unfold it when needed to carry you through a trip of the lifetime.
  • Not to forget the super-organized compartments with the classic hiking backpack shape. The main compartment can be used to store camera, clothes or other electronics. The two meshed side pockets will fit your water bottle and umbrella well. Smaller pockets can be used to store accessories and inner ones for valuables.
  • The newer version included more features like a carabiner clip, whistle attachment, and reflector for low-light adventures.

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5. Zomake Ultra-Lightweight Hiking Backpack

Zomake Ultra-Lightweight Hiking Backpack

While hiking, you always look for ways to reduce the weight that you have to carry, which is a sensible thing to do. And therefore, it is practical to carry along Zomake Ultra-Lightweight Hiking Backpack to hold your things while hiking. This backpack is very popular amongst the users who are heading for a weekend-long trip to discover what the trails left unexplored hold.

  • Made with water, and weather resistant high-quality Nylon material, it is tough to find a backpack which can compete with the durability and finesse of this backpack.
  • The 20 liter storage is divided into compartments which will keep your things well organized. The side mesh pockets will hold your water bottles for you.
  • It is a backpack which can be carried conveniently with ease as it folds into a compact packet. And not to forget how lightweight it is.

It is a lightweight, small backpack perfect for your day-long hiking trip. Then again, like other backpacks falling in this price range ($15.00 to $30.00), the problem of feeble stitching prevails in this backpack too.

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6. G4Free Large Foldable Hiking Backpack

G4Free Large Foldable Hiking Backpack

If you are looking forward to taking a minimalistic trip across Europe with nothing but your backpack, then G4Free Large Foldable Hiking Backpack is the best hiking backpack for you. It is large enough to carry everything you need for a long hiking trip and it can be fit into a compact pouch when not in use. Not just that, it boasts some more awesome features:

  • When fully packed, this backpack is 40 Litres. Well, that is enough room for your camping gear, hammock, clothes, shoes, towels, and what not.
  • High-quality, water, and tear resistant Nylon fabric are used to build the backpack and make it last longer.
  • The shoulder straps are well-padded and their length can be adjusted to fit your silhouette.
  • The backpack fits into a compact pouch when needed, saving you the much expensive overweight baggage charges.
  • It is your to-go backpack for traveling, hiking, a trip to the beach or for carrying your camera equipment.

The G4Free large Foldable Hiking Backpack is designed with care for storage, comfort, security, and size. Plus it falls into the less expensive price-bracket, making it worth a shot.

7. Ibagbar Canvas Backpack for Hiking

Ibagbar Canvas Backpack for Hiking

If you are not a fan of nylon as a fabric and are searching for a hiking backpack which will help you make a different fashion statement, then the Canvas Hiking Backpack by ibagbar is the backpack for you.

  • Made up of 90% Canvas and 10% PU leather, the backpack is long lasting but not exactly water or weather resistant. Though the stitch of the backpack is strong and immune to wear and tear.
  • The backpack is structured well to carry your essentials for a weekend-long trip without any hassle. It has two front small pockets for accessories and one main zip pocket for clothes, towels and bigger things.
  • This backpack has one long shoulder strap along with the regular pair of shoulder straps so that the backpack can serve as a duffle bag, messenger bag, cross body bag, and serve as a brief case too.

Canvas is an eco-friendly fabric and gives you the look which stands out from the crowd with its khaki color. Though the backpack is not water resistant and cannot be used for longer hiking trips, it serves as a great under $100 hiking backpack.

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8. NEEKFOX Hiking Backpack

NEEKFOX Hiking Backpack

If you can hear the hills calling you, then it is important that you get the right backpack to help you hike your way through. NEEKFOX Hiking backpack is large enough to get you and your stuff through toughest of the terrains.

  • It is built with superior quality thickened nylon fabric.
  • The shoulder straps are made up of breathable material, are padded, and are s-shaped for added comfort.
  • The backpack has a staggering volume of 35 liters which provides the room for all your essentials. You can use the compartments to organize your things.
  • The backpack is not just easy to use, but it is easy to use as well. You can fold the backpack and fit it anywhere.

This hiking backpack from NEEKFOX comes with a lifetime warranty. Now that’s some deal for just $20.99.

9. Sunhiker Water resistant Hiking Backpack

Sunhiker Water resistant Hiking Backpack

Sunhiker Water Resistant Hiking Backpack may not be the best backpack to carry your stuff for a long hiking trip, but is a must-have for a daylong hike.

  • Built with high-quality, tear resistant, water-proof Nylon.
  • Comfortable and breathable mesh shoulder straps along with mesh water bottle holders on either side.
  • Suitable for almost all outdoor activities including hiking, cycling, camping, and climbing.

Sunhiker Hiking Backpack is a perfect companion for people from all walks of life and is available for just $25.99.

10. Handy Hiking Backpack by Gonex

Handy Hiking Backpack by Gonex

If you love to go for short hikes around the campsites, it is necessary to have a backpack which will hold your stuff for you. Handy Hiking Backpack by Gonex will do just that for you.

  • The strong water repellent and tear-resistant fabric it is made up of makes it durable.
  • The zippered compartments keep your stuff secured and organized.
  • It is a convenient option for travel and can be fit into a compact inner pouch so that it doesn’t occupy much space.

For a price so low this backpack is a clear bargain.

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Final Words

There you have it! The above list has the Best Hiking Backpacks under $100 for the perfect getaway into the wild. They are all great for the price you are paying for them, then again, the fabric and stitching is not always sturdy enough.

Then again, buy the ones which come with a lifetime warranty and you can get the issues solved as all of them offer great customer service.

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